SEVENTEEN Releases Quirky Dance Practice Version of “Clap”

After having recently released their 2nd album, “TEEN, AGE“, the boys of SEVENTEEN are skyrocketing the sale charts! Making a comeback with a more mature and charismatic comeback with “TEEN, AGE“, Carats are excited to see what the boys have in store for them!

Not that many days after their album release, SEVENTEEN released a playful version of their title song “Clap” and you can check out the adorable video of them pretending to be camera directors before they kick off their dance practice down below!


SEVENTEEN Adds to Individual Concept Photo Set

SEVENTEEN has added more teasers to their growing individual concept photo set.

The members featured in this set are DK, Seungkwan, Jun, Dino, and S. Coups, who have  mature and sophisticated looks.

The Pledis boy group is dropping their 2nd album, “Teen, Age,” on November 6.

They recently dropped several special MVs for different units in the group, from “Change Up” to “Trauma,” “Lilili Yabbay,” and “Pinwheel.”

SEVENTEEN is Gorgeous in Latest Comeback Teasers

SEVENTEEN has unveiled a set of gorgeous comeback teasers ahead of their new album release in November. 

Members Hoshi, Vernon, Wonwoo, Jeonghan, Woozi, The8, Mingyu, and Joshua feature in this round of teasers for their 2nd album, “TEEN, AGE,” which will drop on November 6.

SEVENTEEN to Make Comeback in November

SEVENTEEN is making a comeback on November 6 with a new album, “Teen, Age.”

They have released a project schedule for this round of promotions detailing the next couple of weeks.

Beginning on October 23, they will reveal concept photos and open album pre-orders, then release the album on November 6.

NU’EST W Drops Portrait for Aron

NU’EST W has continued with their portraits and has revealed one for member Aron.

The group began their string of teaser images with JR yesterday, along with the letter “H.” That “H” has now become an “HE” with Aron‘s portrait, suggesting that as the other member’s photos come out, more letters will be added to the title.

In addition to JR’s profile photo is  “Still Life” photo, which is in color rather than black and white.


The group will be dropping a new release on October 10.

NU’EST W Drops Stunning Profile of JR

NU’EST W has dropped the stunning profile for JR. 

NU’EST W will be making a comeback on Oct 10 with their first album since the group’s appearance on “Produce 101.”

They have released a new version of “Hello,” which has been gaining a lot of attention, and they will be dropping a new release without member Minhyun, who is currently promoting with Wanna One.

SEVENTEEN Reveals Plans for ‘Seventeen Project’

SEVENTEEN has unveiled a blueprint for “Seventeen Project.

Seventeen Project Chapter 2” will revolve around the group’s 2nd album, “Al1,” and include projects from Seventeen’s leaders titled “New World,” “Before Al1” by Hip Hop Team, Performance Team, and Vocal Team.

Along with these special releases is a message reading, “Coming Soon, Seventeen Project Chapter 3.”

What are you most looking forward to?