Get Blown Away By DAY6’s New Song “All Alone”

DAY6 are back at it again with another wonderful comeback for EveryDAY6 November! This month’s title track is “All Alone”, which explores the unrequited emotions that may have built up in one’s heart. 

“All Alone” is a track that highlights the sweet harmonies of the members, clinging to your heart with their synergetic melodies. In the music video, each of them look back to the past and softly sing about in the end, being “all alone”. 

The track is definitely a different take compared to their previous songs. “All Alone” focuses on their soothing voices and features new instruments played by the members. 

To listen to DAY6’s new single EveryDAY6 November, check them out on iTunes or Apple Music


[Giveaway] Which November’s Comeback Are You Anticipating The Most?

Hi everyone~~

As you all know by now, we’re preparing a new giveaway for this month! Yay! But we need your help to decide on which group we will do the giveaway on.

Just like last time, we created a small survey for you to answer so we know which group you guys are anticipating the most. We will then do the giveaway on the winning group. The survey will last till the 14th of November. After that, the official giveaway will start and you will have till the 30th to participate. On the 31st of November, the winner will be announced.

[Important Notice]

Although BTS is coming back this month, we’ve decided that we wouldn’t include them this time because we want to give a chance to everybody else to participate in a giveaway of a group they like. So please, even if you wanted to vote BTS, support another group as there will be more BTS giveaways in the future. 😀 Thank you!

Now, to the survey!

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Let’s Get to Know ‘Snuper’!

Series of debuts from different boy bands have been witnessed this year with major entertainment support. This just shows that the much anticipated Idol boy group’s new generation has started! With that, let’s get to know the newest member of the latest Kpop boy group, Snuper!

WIDMAY Entertainment had been teasing us this past few weeks by slowly revealing the members of the newest group in town. The same with other boy groups, Snuper is composed of a rapper and vocal line. But before getting close with the members of the idol group, let’s take a tour first with their entertainment company, WIDMAY.

WIDMAY Entertainment might not sound familiar to any of the kpop stans out there since it is a home to popular actors like Hong Jong Hyun and Lee Ki Woo. This is the first time that WIDMAY Entertainment will get involved in the kpop world, with Snuper as its first idol group.

Last Monday, they introduced to us the rapper line consisting of the 1994-er Taewoong, and 1996-er Sebin, as their official profiles and photos have been revealed! The handsome faces of the two rappers might look familiar to some of us, as Taewoong appeared in many popular dramas, with Sebin appearing in several popular movies.


On the other hand, the members composing the main vocal line were revealed this week. Starting off with Snuper’s 1993-er Sangil’s wet look and 1991-er Suhyun, let’s take a look at their official photo and profile! Actually, all the members are really pulling off the wet hair look making them look even hotter and enticing!


The boy group, with a total of 6 members is set to debut in the middle of November, with the remaining last two members to be revealed soon, so stay tuned and be the first Snuper fan girl!

Anyway, here are some of the reactions the netizens left after finding out about the group:


The name though sounds weird, but I can’t help myself to be intrigued by their attractive looks.

Let’s just wait ’til they show us what they’ve got!


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