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Hyolyn X Kisum Drop Sexy MV for ‘FRUITY’

Once again, Starship Entertainment's Hyolyn is out to astonish everyone with more music! In a collaboration with Kisum, the 2 artists come together to bring you the summer bop "FRUITY". It's a sweet comeback for the month of June; this chill sound of music is perfect for the summer season! With a rich tone and colorful hues, Hyolyn and Kisum deliver their… Continue reading Hyolyn X Kisum Drop Sexy MV for ‘FRUITY’

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Monsta X Is Ready to ‘Shine Forever’ in New MV

Once again, Monsta X is back and ready to slay us again! The boys went ahead and dropped a special treat for fans with the release of a music video for their song "Shine Forever". "Shine Forever" is featured as a title track on their 1st repackaged album following the conclusion of the The Clan series.   Monsta… Continue reading Monsta X Is Ready to ‘Shine Forever’ in New MV

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BoA Is Sleek in ‘CAMO’ MV Teaser

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to welcome back the queen of K-pop---BoA! The hit SM Entertainment artist will be making a comeback with "CAMO", with her sleek style and chic aura.   Some of her hit songs include "Only One", "Disturbance", "No Matter What" and more.

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T-ARA Comebacks With “What’s my name?”

It's time... T-ARA is finally back! The ladies make a suave entrance back to K-pop with the cool comeback "What's my name?" Joining hands together, the four ladies sing their hearts out with the sensational and upbeat track "What's my name?" Fans have been struck with a string of emotions as the music video provides sentiment… Continue reading T-ARA Comebacks With “What’s my name?”

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BLACKPINK Drops Comeback Teaser

YG Entertainment surprised BLINKs with an official announcement for BLACKPINK's comeback! The international sensation known as BLACKPINK will be ready to take the world of K-pop by storm on June 22. This will be their newest upcoming album since the release of SQUARE TWO back in November 2016. Who's ready for another hit from BLACKPINK?

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Join Hands With T-ARA In Their New Comeback Teaser

The members of T-ARA are making their way back to the scene with the recent teasers for "What's my name?" MBK Entertainment released another teaser for their comeback, joining hands together as 4 members. In the teaser, there were 2 scenes that caught attention---there were 6 glass bottles with messages placed by the fountain, and 6… Continue reading Join Hands With T-ARA In Their New Comeback Teaser

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Get A Preview of WJSN’s 1st Album ‘Happy Moment’

The girls of WJSN are officially making their comeback soon with the release of their 1st album Happy Moment. To get ready for its release, Starship Entertainment dropped a colorful album teaser, giving a preview of the vibrant tracks.   "HAPPY" is featured as the title track of WJSN's anticipated album, which is set to… Continue reading Get A Preview of WJSN’s 1st Album ‘Happy Moment’

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DAY6 Releases Stunning MV Teaser for “I Smile” 

June 7th is soon approaching for DAY6 and the fans! Right before making their appearance on After School Club, DAY6 geared up for releasing a stunning teaser for their upcoming track "I Smile". In the music video teaser, the members happily suited up for a performance at the event they're attending to. However, upon meeting eyes… Continue reading DAY6 Releases Stunning MV Teaser for “I Smile” 

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A.C.E Debuts With Exhilarating “Cactus” MV

After a much anticipated wait from fans, the Beat Interactive's new boy group A.C.E has finally made their debut with "Cactus"---and this debut is a pretty exhilarating one! The music video for "Cactus" captures the energetic and exciting side of the members of A.C.E, taking the viewer in for a ride. A.C.E consists of 5 members---Jun, Dong Hun, Wow, Jason, and Chan. Their… Continue reading A.C.E Debuts With Exhilarating “Cactus” MV

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KNK Releases Highlight Medley for ‘Gravity’

Another insane teaser was dropped from KNK! Highlighting the songs from their 2nd single album Gravity, the teaser gives the fans a glimpse of their new change in style. The album preview features some aesthetic-looking videos of the members to compliment their new songs, including the title track "Sun.Moon.Star". KNK will make their anticipated comeback on May… Continue reading KNK Releases Highlight Medley for ‘Gravity’