JBJ Is Stunning in ‘New Moon’ Concept Photos

JBJ has unveiled additional concept photos for their upcoming album, “New Moon.”

There are two versions of images: a “Dark Moon” version, along with a “New Moon” version with an overall theme and aesthetic that matches with the version.

The group kicked off their teasers with Donghan and Hyunbin and followed with Taehyun and Sanggyun, and finally Kenta and Longguo. In conclusion, they also released group photos showcasing the members walking in a bleak environment.

JBJ is releasing “New Moon” on April 17 at 6PM KST.


JBJ Unveils ‘New Moon’ Concept Photos for Donghan & Hyunbin

JBJ has unveiled their first set of concept photos for their upcoming deluxe edition album, “New Moon.”

The members featured in this round are Hyunbin and Donghan, who look ethereal surrounded with a natural landscape.

“New Moon” will be released on April 17 at 6PM KST.