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Golden Child Debuts with ‘DamDaDi’

Woollim Entertainment's newest boy group, Golden Child, has just made their long-awaited debut! The group has debuted with a fun, sports-themed MV for "DamDaDi," the title song for their debut album, "Gol-Cha." The song is energetic, spirited, and catchy, and is bound to give you an energy boost when you listen to it.

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Golden Child Releases Additional Debut Teasers

Golden Child has revealed additional member teasers for their upcoming debut! The next members up for teasers are Seungmin, Jaeseok, Tag, Joochan, Daeyeol, Jangjun, and Jibeom, who look handsome and refreshing in both their solo teaser clips and images. Golden Child is Woollim Entertainment's newest boy group and will debut on August 28.

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Weki Meki Gives Sneak Preview of Debut Album & MV

Weki Meki has released a highlight medley for their upcoming debut album, "WeMe," along with two MV teasers for their title song, "I Don't Like Your Girlfriend." In addition to the medley and MV teasers is a D-1 teaser, dropping just a day before the album release. The song sounds fun and powerful and showcases… Continue reading Weki Meki Gives Sneak Preview of Debut Album & MV

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Fantagio Reveals Official Name for New Girl Group

Fantagio has finally unveiled the official name for their upcoming girl group, which will include Yoojung and Doyeon (who debuted with I.O.I). The group will be named Weki Meki and will consist of 8 members who were previously part of their project as iTeen Girls. Weki Meki will be debuting in August, so keep your eyes… Continue reading Fantagio Reveals Official Name for New Girl Group

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Wanna One Confirms August Debut

Newly-formed boy group, Wanna One, will be debuting in August! Their agency confirmed that they will officially make their debut on August 7 with a mini album showcasing the talents of each of their members.  In addition to their new album, they'll be holding a "Showcon" to showcase their performances. Wanna One is an 11-member… Continue reading Wanna One Confirms August Debut

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‘Produce 101’ Finalizes Members of Wanna One

"Produce 101" season 2 has just come to a thrilling and tearful conclusion! After a successful first season with I.O.I, Mnet reality show "Produce 101" launched its second season with a campaign to debut a new boy group from a selection of 101 trainees from various agencies. The final twenty contestants stood together on stage for… Continue reading ‘Produce 101’ Finalizes Members of Wanna One

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K.A.R.D Confirms July Debut + Tour Videos

The hot topic of K-pop today is K.A.R.D's highly anticipated official debut! After releasing 3 songs as part of a pre-debut project, the co-ed group is finally making their way to D-day for debut. K.A.R.D has been confirmed to make their official debut in July. The group wrapped up their North American Wild K.A.R.D tour last month, stopping… Continue reading K.A.R.D Confirms July Debut + Tour Videos

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A.C.E Debuts With Exhilarating “Cactus” MV

After a much anticipated wait from fans, the Beat Interactive's new boy group A.C.E has finally made their debut with "Cactus"---and this debut is a pretty exhilarating one! The music video for "Cactus" captures the energetic and exciting side of the members of A.C.E, taking the viewer in for a ride. A.C.E consists of 5 members---Jun, Dong Hun, Wow, Jason, and Chan. Their… Continue reading A.C.E Debuts With Exhilarating “Cactus” MV

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Woollim Entertainment Announces Debut of Boy Group Golden Child

Woollim Boys, as Woollim Entertainment's male trainees are often called, will finally be debuting as Golden Child. Earlier this year, Woollim expressed plans to debut a new group by the end of the year. Now, it's finally happening! We got to meet some of them through W Project and now we'll be able to see… Continue reading Woollim Entertainment Announces Debut of Boy Group Golden Child