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DAY6 Reveal Fandom Name!

After being a band since September 2015, DAY6 has finally announced the name of their fandom! During the voting poll that took place in the last couple days, fans were able to vote for their choice of the name---and here's what they picked! DAY6 fans will now be known as My Day!  What a beautiful choice! The… Continue reading DAY6 Reveal Fandom Name!

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Vote for DAY6’s Fandom Name!

For all you DAY6 fans, now is your chance to decide what fandom name you want to be called! After many submissions reviewed on the DAY6 JYPE website, the options have been narrowed down to 5 suggestions---DAYDREAMER, DAYLIGHT, HOLIDAY, My Day, and SUNDAY. Each name has its own meaning based on how the fan interpreted it. … Continue reading Vote for DAY6’s Fandom Name!