KNK’s “Sun.Moon.Star” Drops With Chilling Vocals

Declared as a tribute to Highlight‘s “Ribbon” and “12:30”, YNB Entertainment‘s rookie group KNK makes a chilling comeback with their track “Sun.Moon.Star”. Differing from their usual style, the group took on a new style to try their hand at new music—and the result is extraordinary. 

Known for their astounding vocals and cool harmonies, KNK delivers another breathtaking song. Remarkably, a key feature one should pay attention to is Youjin‘s high notes, which will definitely send shivers to any listener. 

The writers of Sweet Sweet Kpop surely can’t wait to listen to the rest of their album Gravity. What was your favorite part of “Sun.Moon.Star”?

A.C.E Debuts With Exhilarating “Cactus” MV

After a much anticipated wait from fans, the Beat Interactive‘s new boy group A.C.E has finally made their debut with “Cactus”—and this debut is a pretty exhilarating one!

The music video for “Cactus” captures the energetic and exciting side of the members of A.C.E, taking the viewer in for a ride.

A.C.E consists of 5 members—JunDong HunWowJason, and Chan. Their ages range from 19-24. Check out their profile video and a profile page for more information.

KNK Shows Off A Powerful Sound in “Sun. Moon. Star” Teaser

The boys of KNK are back with another chilling teaser! YNB Entertainment dropped a teaser for their title track “Sun. Moon. Star”, complete with stunning visuals and powerful vocals.

“Sun. Moon. Star” will be a change in the type of music KNK has previously done. The members hope that the fans like their new style.

The members recently revealed that “Sun. Moon. Star” is a tribute to the group Highlight (BEAST)KNK wanted to pay homage to the group, with inspiration from “Ribbon” and “12:30”. In fact, the members of KNK are quite fans of the group.

KNK will make their comeback on May 25 at 12 PM (KST) with their title track “Sun. Moon. Star”.

VIXX Takes Your Breath Away in ‘Shangri-La’

VIXX has once again proved they deserve the title of concept kings in their recent release, “Shangri-La.”

Shangri-La” is truly a beautiful masterpiece, blending traditional Korean instruments, Asian culture, and fantasy all into one.

The song, imagery, and choreography alike are poetic and meaningful, making it one of VIXX‘s most memorable releases.

Since the album’s release, the MV has surpassed 1.4 million YouTube views, the songs are topping charts, and VIXX is receiving much praise for their versatility and concept.

Check out the MV below!

Jay Park Drops Sick “Hulk Hogan” MV

Jay Park surprised fans today with a release of a sick new music video for his single Hulk Hogan.

The music video was directed by Harry Clean, featuring animations specially done by Harry Clean and JordanLoves.Life. The single Hulk Hogan was released on March 8, 2017.

DAY6 Drops “DANCE DANCE” MV + Exciting News!

At noon (KST), DAY6 made their monthly comeback with “DANCE DANCE” for their year-long project Every Day6. Focusing on their activities in the studio, fans are able to get a glimpse at the music making that happens behind the scenes.

The single Every Day6 May features the title track “DANCE DANCE”, along with “Man in a movie”. “DANCE DANCE” is a “song that tells you to play like no tomorrow”.

Following the release of their single, JYP made an announcement on his Instagram account that this single is only the beginning—DAY6 will release their 1st full album in June, including “DANCE DANCE” as one of the songs.

Are you excited for their 1st full album release in June?

DAY6 Hang In the Studio in “Dance Dance” Teaser

For DAY6 fans, May 8 is just around the corner! DAY6 teased us with another release of a teaser for their upcoming comeback “Dance Dance”.

In the music video teaser, fans get a glimpse at DAY6 working hard like any other day in the studio, having fun and writing music together. The teaser of the song “Dance Dance” evokes an upbeat feeling, following the excitement from their recent release “I’m Serious”.

Group photos of the band were also revealed for the comeback.

DAY6 will make their comeback on May 8 with “Dance Dance” for their monthly single Every Day6.