GOT7 Find Each Other in “You Are”

After 7 months since their last release, GOT7 are back with their new song “You Are”! Since completing their Flight Log trilogy, the group starts anew with a spin of their own fresh sound. 

In GOT7’s music video for the title track “You Are”, the members begin separated from each other, wandering their own ways. The search for the others start with the first members of GOT7, JB and Jinyoung, also known as JJ Project. Following them, members continue to join them just as how they started GOT7, in the order that each of them joined the 7-member group. 

The sentiment of the creative music video has touched the fans’ hearts as it represents GOT7’s hard work through their years together. 


Mino x Bobby Sub-Unit MOBB Debuts with MV for “Full House” & “Hit Me”

YG’s new sub-unit “MOBB” has finally debuted!

After Bobby’s solo debut on the 7th of September 2016 KST with “Holup! and Mino’s solo debut on the 8th of September 2016 KST with “Body, the boys debuted as a new YG Entertainment unit on the 9th of September 2016 KST with a double digital single and two music videos. The sub-unit MOBB, MinoxBobby, went all out with the songs “Hit Me” and “Full House” featuring the YG vibe and some of the agency’s best composers and arrangers.

Hit Me” features composer and writer Kush, who recently appeared on the rap survival show “Show Me The Money 5” and won second place. The song is a laid back and chill hip hop track written by both Bobby and Mino. The chorus is sung by both Mino and Bobby and I have to say, it’s not a bad thing to hear them sing cause they are quite good ~.~ The music video showcases the boys getting bored at home and deciding to go out to a club to have fun. It features a cameo of Hilite Records rapper, G2 and YG Entertainment rapper, One.

Check out the music video for “Hit Me” below:

Full House” is a hard hitting party hip hop track that will make you want to move and jump around as the song goes on. The chorus is really really good, although it’s autotuned. I like it a lot, it gives a totally different vibe than the first song. The music video showcases the boys surrounded by girls and showing the boys rapping. The MV’s aesthetics are really nice to watch and it goes hard with all the lights flashing and the different colors popping out of nowhere. It also features a cameo of 2NE1‘s leader and rapper, CL. If I had to chose between the two songs, this one would be my favorite eventhough I really like both 😉

Check out the music video for “Full House” below:

What do you think of the debut of MOBB? Do you like it? Which song is your favorite?

WINNER’s Mino Debuts Solo with Digital Single and MV for “Body”

Song Mino has finally released his first official solo song!

On the 8th of September 2016 KST, YG Entertainment released on their official YouTube channel, the music video for Mino‘s solo debut digital single “Body“. Fans have been waiting for Mino to release a solo song since he finished second on the rap survival show “Show Me The Money 4” back in 2015. Well, the song is finally here and I have to say…. I’m really surprise and I can’t believe what I just saw and heard!

The song is a hip hop track with a medium tempo and a sexy vibe that will have your head spinning (especially if you watch the music video at the same time). The song talks about Mino missing a girl’s body and wanting to have sex with her again. It was written by Mino himself and was composed by Mino and Future Bounce. The music video showcases Mino hanging out with a women. You get to see kissing scenes and hot scenes, all accentuated by the warm colors and sexy atmosphere. After seeing the MV if you’re like me and you’re an Inner Circle, you’ll probably need some time to digest what you just saw. Just like Bobby, the music video was directed by DPR, who did an amazing job!

Check out the music video for “Body” below:

What do you think of Mino’s solo debut? Do you like it? Which solo debut was your favorite?

IKON’s Bobby Debuts with the Single and MV “Holup!”

Bobby has finally released his first official solo song!

On the 7th of September 2016 KST, YG Entertainment released on their official YouTube channel, the music video for IKON member Bobby‘s solo debut digital single “Holup!“. Fans have been waiting for Bobby to release a solo song since he won the rap survival show “Show Me The Money 3” back in 2014. Well, the song is finally here and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

The song is a hip hop track with a heavy dance beat that makes you want to turn up. The music video showcases Bobby bringing out his natural swag and spitting fire. It’s a really aesthetic music video with a lot of cool effects. As a reminder, the song was written by Bobby himself and was composed by Shockbit, who also worked on Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga”. The music video was directed by former C-Clown member Rome, also known as Christian Yu.

Check out the MV for “Holup!” below:

Don’t forget! Tomorrow it’s Mino‘s turn to debut with the digital single and MV for “Body“! Please support both and let us know what you thought of this amazing debut?

BLACKPINK Debuts with the Music Videos for “Boombayah” and “Whistle”

BLACKPINK is here!! Finally!

YG Entertainment’s first girl group in seven years has finally come to the light! The girl group for which YG has been teasing us with for four years has debuted! I can’t believe it!

On the 8th of August 2016 at 8PM KST, BLACKPINK, a four member girl group composed of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose, debuted with two singles, entitled “Boombayah” and “Whistle“. The music videos for both singles were released on BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel on the same day and boy… you won’t believe your eyes. Are they truly rookies?

Check out both music videos below and please, don’t forget to support the new girls~

BLACKPINK – “Boombayah”

The song has an EDM beat and starts off with what most of us thought would be the name of a track “BLACKPINK in your area”. Although the music video is super colorful with a lot of pink everywhere, there’s still a dark atmosphere making it look badass. The chorus is really not what I thought it would be, but it’s ok because it’s actually better. It sounds good and it’s super catchy, you’ll definitely start singing it after your first listen. As for the girls, I really have nothing to say except… they are perfect. The rapping and singing is on point, and we can definitely see they have trained for a long time and the dance parts are… AMAZING. They are really talented just like YG had said. You sure won’t be disappointed!

BLACKPINK – “Whistle”

The beat for this song is a lot more heavy; it sounds more hip hop than the previous one. This music video also has a lot of pink, but the girls are making it look black and badass with their charisma and moves. It really looks like what YG had said earlier with the girls showcasing pink, not as a cute color, but something dark and black. The car scene where the girls are all in looking at the camera really looks like the car scene that was in IKON’s MV “Dumb&Dumber”. It’s a really nice scene with nice colors and you get to see closeups of the girls beautiful faces. Both MV’s are really artistic and original, so it’s nice to see something different. The bridge part is amazing and just for this part of the song it’s worth watching! I’ll let you imagine what the rest sounds like **

I really like the fact that none of the girls seemed to be cast aside. They all have a fair amount of lines, which is not given to all groups. They really have a unique and original concept that will surely make them stand out! Please support them as much as you can.

As revealed previously through reports and other sources, the girls will continue to promote and release new songs until the end of the year. Their debut showcase will be on the 14th of August, so make sure to support and maybe give the girls their first win. Who knows? 😉

What do you think of YG’s first girl group in 7 years? Did they meet your expectations? Which song/MV did you prefer?

Hyuna Releases 5th Mini Album “A’wesome” + MV for “How’s This?”

Hyuna is back with her 5th mini album and a new MV!

On the 1st of August, former 4Minute rapper, Hyuna, came back with her 5th mini album “A’wesome” and the music video for its title track “How’s This?“. For her first solo comeback since 4Minute‘s disbandment, Hyuna wanted to show off a new sexy concept, suitable for summer. Before releasing the full album and MV, she had teased us with two beautiful album images, which showed off both the sexy and cute side of Hyuna. If you missed the teaser pictures, you can check them out here and here.

Check out below a review of Hyuna‘s mini album “A’wesome” and the MV for “How’s This?“:

Hyuna – “A’wesome”

Hyuna‘s 5th mini album “A’wesome” is composed of six songs, including the title track “How This?” and two songs featuring Brand New‘s rapper Hanhae and rapper Isle Qim. Hyuna participated in the writting of all the songs on the album with the exception of the song “Freaky“.

Full tracklist:

  1. U & Me
  2. How’s This?
  3. Do It!
  4. Morning Glory (Feat. Isle Qim)
  5. Freaky
  6. Wolf (Feat. Hanhae)

Songs I Recommend:

  • U & Me – I loooooove this song! It is so addictive, the melody is really nice to the ear and Hyuna’s voice is amazing. It’s a dance song perfect for the summer or to throw a party! Easily the best track on the album in my opinion!
  • Wolf – Ok so… Right at the intro I knew I was going to love this song! Both Hyuna and Hanhae sing, rap and harmonizing perfectly. The melody isn’t as heavy as most of the songs on this album, it’s more of a R&B melody and it’s nice. Definitely a track you need to listen on this album!
  • Do It – I actually only recommend this song for the chorus. I didn’t really like the electro part, it was too much and overwhelming. A part from that, Hyuna’s rap was good and the chorus was for me the best part. It’s nice to listen to and it felt light although it has an heavy melody.

As for the title track “How’s This?“, I don’t think it was that great. There’s definitely much better songs on this album, because we barely hear Hyuna sing/rap. When she does, it’s to say 3 times the same line. I think her previous title track “Roll Deep” was and still is one of the best. Although I’m not a fan of the song, it’s a perfect song to put on at a party or a club. “Morning Glory” and “Freaky” are ok songs. I thought the songs didn’t really stand out compared to the other ones, “Morning Glory” was too monotone, while “Freaky” sounded a bit repetitive.

Note: 7/10

I give it a 7 because I only really liked half of the songs on this album. Although the other songs are not bad, as I said earlier Hyuna can do better and last year’s album is proof of it. Overall it’s not a bad album and it’s still worth listening and supporting our lovely Hyuna.


Hyuna – “How’s This?”

The music video for “How’s This?” is a huge fun twerking party showcasing alcohol, booty, and sexual allusions. For this MV, Hyuna asked more than 100 professional dancers to star in it, her biggest scale MV so far. The song sounds like a club song, making you wanna dance and move your body. This explains why the MV is happening in a club~ We can also see Hyuna showing off sexy dance moves and ruling the party as the beautiful Queen she is~ The MV is worth watching although I’m not a huge fan of the song. I think she has done better in the past and that some of the songs on “A’wesome” are by far better.

Check out the MV for “How’s This?” below:

What do you think of Hyuna’s comeback? Which song is your favorite?

9MUSES A Makes Debut with “Lip 2 Lip” MV

9MUSES A finally debuted!

On the 4th of August 2016, 9MUSES new sub unit, 9MUSES A, made their debut with the mini album “MUSES DIARY” and the music video for its title track “Lip 2 Lip“. As a reminder, the unit is composed of four members including Kyungri, Hyemi, Keumjo and Sujin. For more information on the album and the tracks, you can check out this article.

The MV starts off with a 1 minute intro where the girls are all hanging out in a room full of cuddly toys while they’re reading a book and imaginating things. The next moment we see each of the girls, one after the other, hanging out with the same boy while having different scenes with him. You also get to see dance breaks of the girls showing off their moves and nice close ups of the girls’ beautiful faces **. As expected from 9MUSES, it’s a nice song with their signature sound and the MV is really nice to watch.

Check out the MV for “Lip 2 Lip” below:

What do you think of 9MUSES A’s debut?