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Monsta X’s I.M. Invites Us To Fly With Him In New MV

After a few months of being away from the cameras, I.M. has come back with a new mixtape. The soft rap, mixed with slow music and the overcharging aesthetics, creates a relaxing entrancing atmosphere that draws everyone to the mood that Monsta X's maknae was obviously trying to convey. Using a minimalistic style, I.M. sends… Continue reading Monsta X’s I.M. Invites Us To Fly With Him In New MV

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Monsta X Become Dramas Stars in New MV TeaserĀ 

After their amazing teaser images, MonstaX just released a Drama-themed MV Teaser. The teaser is filled with aesthetic, dramatic, and emotional scenes that leave the watcher wanting the whole thing. This comeback promises a lot of excitement, and emotion. Go watch the teaser and show a lot of support for the group. Monsta X teaser

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Monsta X reveals Teaser for Newton MV

Amidst their world tour, Monsta X showed a little bit more love towards their fans by releasing a teaser for the new MV Newton. The teaser is different from their other concepts, which were darker and had a deeper story line, but this music video is more relaxed and brighter. We see them having a… Continue reading Monsta X reveals Teaser for Newton MV