CNBLUE Releases ‘7°CN’ Album Highlight Medley

CNBLUE has just given us a sneak peek into their comeback album, “7°CN!”

In this 57-second preview, we get a brief glimpse into each of the album’s 6 tracks, from refreshing title song “Between Us” to “Royal Rumble.”

The overall refreshing and soothing theme of the album fits their light concept images on the beach and are a perfect start to the spring season.

CNBLUE is officially coming back with “7°CN” on March 20.

Check out the highlight medley below!

CNBLUE Drops Comeback Album Tracklist & Additional Concept Photos

CNBLUE has unveiled additional concept photos for their comeback, along with the official album tracklist!

Although the first set of concept photos were bright and set on the beach, the new set is indoors, with a dark and warm aesthetic.

Their comeback album consists of 6 tracks, all of which the members contributed to the creation of.


The group is returning with their 7th mini album, “7°CN” on March 20. This is the group’s first Korean comeback since “BLUEMING” a year ago.

Are you excited to see new music from CNBLUE?

Say “HI!” to PRISTIN’s Lovely Concept Photos

Formerly known as Pledis Girlz, the group is set to officially debut on March 21st, 2017 under the name PRISTIN, a combination of “prismatic” (bright and clear) and “elastin” (flawless strength).

After releasing concept photos for five members, a second set of photos has been released for the remaining five members. The concept photos include Nayoung, Rena, Xiyeon, Yehana, and Roa with their own special touch for each concept. Check out their different styles in the photos!

The group will start fresh with the release of their first mini-album HI! PRISTIN on March 21st. Are you ready?

GFRIEND Makes Long-Awaited Comeback with Catchy ‘Fingertip’ MV

The talented ladies of GFRIEND are finally back, and they’re here to deliver yet another bop!

They’re back with “Fingertip,” a catchy and invigorating track with a choreography and musicality that’s bound to get you hooked. Not only is the MV creative, but also has stunning visuals, storyline, and amazing aesthetics.

“Fingertip” is the title song of the group’s newest album, their fourth mini album, “The Awakening.”

Check it out below! Do you like the song? What’s your favorite part of the MV?

Highlight (Formerly BEAST) Drops Stunning Comeback Teasers

HIGHLIGHT is coming back, and they’re making a fresh start with “Can You Feel It?

In the first set of photos, the members look stunning under the natural light, sporting new hairstyles and looks. The second set is more colorful and charismatic, with an interesting coordination of outfits and backgrounds.


The group, formerly known as BEAST, is releasing their 1st album as Highlight on March 20.

Congratulations to the boys for a new start!

GFRIEND Drops Intense Teasers for ‘The Awakening’

GFRIEND has dropped a set of intense teasers for their upcoming comeback with “The Awakening.”

Of the teasers are concept photos, an album tracklist, and a video trailer for “Fingertip,” their title track.

The girls are exploring a new concept this time around, deviating from their previous concepts for a mature, military-style image.

The Awakening” is their 4th mini album, which will consist of six tracks: “Hear The Wind Sing,” “Fingertip” (Title), “Contrail,” “Please Save My Earth,” “Rain in the Spring Time,” and “Crush.”

The official MV and album will be out on March 6, so stay tuned for more updates!

BTOB Drops Pre-Release Track ‘Someday’

BTOB has just dropped their pre-release track, “Someday!”

“Someday” is a soothing ballad track suited for BTOB, who is known for their powerful vocals. You can listen to the song on MelOn.

“Someday” is part of BTOB‘s 10th mini album, “Feel’eM,” which is slated to be released March 6 alongside a MV and V Live Countdown.

The group also unveiled a comeback schedule, so check it out to keep up with their updates!