B1A4 Drops ‘Gray Ver’ Teasers for ‘Rollin’

B1A4 has unveiled an additional set of comeback teasers for their upcoming album, “Rollin’“.

The teasers are part of the “Gray Version” of the album, as the album will be released in three versions: Gray, Black, and Blue, with Blue’s teasers having yet to be revealed.

Just yesterday, B1A4 gave fans a sneak preview of their new tracks with the highlight medley of “Rollin’“, which showcased a few seconds of each of their 6 songs.

Rollin’” will be released on September 25.


B1A4 Releases Comeback Album Highlight Medley & Teaser Photos

B1A4 has unveiled the official highlight medley for their comeback album, “Rollin’.”

The album will consist of 6 self-composed tracks, ranging from the title song “Rollin'” to the mellow track, “Like a Child.”

In addition to the highlight medley are teaser photos, in which the members show off refreshing new looks and hairstyles.

The group is releasing their new album on September 25.

B1A4 Reveals Comeback Schedule for ‘Rollin’

The lovely boys of B1A4 are making a comeback in just a few weeks with a brand new album!

They are releasing “Rollin’” on September 18 and starting on the 18th will reveal teaser images, an album tracklist, a highlight medley, and an MV teaser leading to the official album drop.

B1A4 to Make Comeback Later This Month

B1A4 is slated to make their comeback later this month!

The group is reportedly preparing for the release of a new mini album and is filming their MV in Australia.

The album will consist of more self-produced tracks, as the group’s previous albums were.

Their most recent release as a group was their full-length album, “Good Timing,” with emotional dance song, “Lie.”

Are you excited to see what new music they come up with? Stay tuned for more updates!

VIXX LR Makes Comeback with ‘Whisper’

VIXX LR has made an official comeback with their newest album, “Whisper.”

Whisper” is the sub-unit’s 2nd mini album with a title song of the same name.

The unit is comprised of VIXX members Leo and Ravi, who balance one another out with vocals and rap.

Check it out below!

ELRIS Drops Colorful Comeback Teasers

Girl group ELRIS has just unveiled a colorful and fun batch of comeback teasers!

Along with beautiful individual member photos, they have released a full tracklist detailing their comeback album. Their title song will be “Pow Pow,” and one of their tracks will feature labelmate Kim Sanggyun (A-Tom) from Topp Dogg.

The girls are releasing their 2nd mini album, “Color Crush,” on September 13.

VIXX LR Reveals Concept Photos for Ravi

VIXX LR has unveiled their second batch of concept photos for their upcoming album, “Whisper.”

This time, the photos star member Ravi, who rocks out in red and black outfits.

The duo, comprised of VIXX members Leo and Ravi, are coming back with their 2nd mini album, “Whisper,” on August 28 at 6PM.