MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Releases Beautiful Cover “City of Stars”

The young and sassy maknae of MAMAMOO, Hwasa has released her own rendition of “City of Stars”! On July 23rd, it was a special day for Hwasa for it was her birthday!

To celebrate a wonderful day, she released a beautiful cover to soothe the hearts and the minds with her magnificent voice. In comparison to her usual sexy and quirky self, her cover was filled with her lovely voice, singing the tune in a much softer and sweet tone paired along with the ukulele.

What a wonderful gift from Hwasa to us for her birthday!

Happy Birthday again beautiful!

Be sure to check out her own version of “City of Stars” down below!


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Mamamoo Releases More Teaser Pictures 

Another day, another set of teaser pictures from Mamamoo! 

This time it’s Hwasa and Wheein‘s turn. 

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Hwasa with long hair, and let’s admit that she looks fabulous, adding to her natural fierceness. That’s what we get from her teaser picture. 

While Wheein isn’t holding back either, since we see her with 4 low braids, giving a sexy and sassy aura. 

We can’t wait to see what they have in store for their June 22nd release “Purple“.

Mamamoo Drops Teaser Pictures

Mamamoo‘s company started dropping teaser pictures of the group’s comeback which will have the name “Purple“. 

The first one, a group image has all 4 girls wearing sexy yet classy clothes, that gives them a very unique style. 

In addition, members Solar and Moonbyul‘s individual pictures along with an image of both came out. 

Don’t forget to mark the comeback date, June 22, on your calendars!

MAMAMOO to Make Summer Comeback!

MAMAMOO is slated to have a comeback in late June!

The group recently took to social media to share a mysterious teaser image that hinted at a new concept “never attempted before.” They have also encouraged fans to sign up for official fanclub membership.


The group previously released “Decalcomanie” last November as part of their fourth EP, “Memory.”

What kind of concept do you think they’ll have this time around?

Sweet Sweet Kpop’s Top K-Pop Songs of 2016

Have you had a song that was constantly in your head in the duration of this year? We did too! Although there were many great releases this year, these songs have become our top favorite songs from 2016 with their catchy melodies and sick beats.

  • “Fire” – BTS
  • “Cheer Up” – Twice
  • “Deepened” – Brave Girls
  • “Home” – Ailee
  • “Boombayah” – Blackpink
  • “Playing With Fire” – Blackpink
  • “All In” – Monsta X
  • Fxxk It” – BIGBANG
  • “Heartbreak Hotel” – Tiffany
  • “Why” – Taeyeon
  • “Video” – Lee Hi
  • “L.I.E” – EXID
  • “Blood, Sweat & Tears” – BTS
  • “The 7th Sense” – NCT U
  • “The Closer” – VIXX
  • “Decalcomanie” – MAMAMOO
  • “The Eye” – INFINITE
  • “Save Me” – BTS
  • “Monster” – EXO
  • “Recipe” – Luizy (UNIQ‘s Seungyoun), Flowsik

Check out our special playlist on SoundCloud below to hear some of our favorite 2016 songs:

What were your favorite songs of 2016?

MAMAMOO Comes Back with 4th Mini Album “Memory” and MV for “Décalcomanie”

MAMAMOO is back!!

On the 7th of November 2016 KST, MAMAMOO came back with their 4th mini album “Memory” and the music video for its title track “Décalcomanie“. This is the first comeback of the girls since they released their first full album “Melting” back in February 2016. As you may have already seen through all the teasers MAMAMOO released for their comeback, “Memory” is composed of eight songs including the title track and the pre-release tracks “New York“, “Angel” and “Dab Dab“. All of the members took part in the writing and composition of one or more songs on the album. You can check out the full tracklist here.

The music video for “Décalcomanie” has an old Hollywood, James Bond vibe featuring the girls alternating from sexy, glamorous black dresses to suits. The girls play a dangerous game with a man before they all succumb to his charms and end up kissing. I think the music video is really nice to watch and was really well designed with different scenes of the girls in different outfits. You can also see dance breaks and Hwasa with long blue hair. The music video is totally worth watching and if you haven’t already, do it now!

Check out the music video for “Décalcomanie” below:

What do you think of MAMAMOO’s comeback? Do you like it?

MAMAMOO Releases New Teaser Video, Group Picture & Tracklist for “Memory”

MAMAMOO has released several new teasers for their upcoming comeback!

On the 2nd and 3rd of November 2016 KST, MAMAMOO released on their official SNS accounts, a new teaser video, as well as a group teaser picture and the tracklist for their upcoming 4th mini album “Memory“. Set to be released on the 7th of November 2016 KST, “Memory” will include the title track “Décalcomanie,” which will include a music video. The girls have already started teasing for their comeback by releasing duet teaser pictures, a group teaser picture and two teaser videos.

According to the teaser picture unveiling the tracklist, “Memory” will be composed of eight tracks including the title track “Décalcomanie” and three pre-release tracks that you all have had the chance to listen to already: “Angel“, “Dab Dab” and “New York“. It also seems like former SMTM5 contestant and rapper under 1LLIONAIRE‘s new label, Ambition Musik, Hash Swan will feature on one of the song.



The group teaser picture showcases all four girls dressed in white and looking incredibly beautiful. They look sexy while looking classy and elegant at the same time.

Check out the group picture below:


The new teaser video showcases Solar and Wheein in an elevator with a mysterious man before almost kissing him. They look fabulous and super charming. It looks like MAMAMOO is coming back with a “femme fatale” theme!

Check out the teaser video below:

Are you excited for MAMAMOO’s comeback? Stay tuned for the full release!