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UNB Makes Intense Debut with ‘Feeling’

UNB (short for You & Unit B), also known as UNIT B, has made their highly-anticipated debut with "Feeling." "Feeling" is an intense and powerful track with a dark and spellbinding MV that includes narration from the members. Each of the members get their time to shine, showcasing a wide range of vocals, dynamic dance skills,… Continue reading UNB Makes Intense Debut with ‘Feeling’

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MADTOWN Releases Choreo Verison of “Emptiness”

With their recent release of their newest song, "Emptiness", the boys of MADTOWN have already released their dance version of their new song! You can see in the dance video that they boys are in perfect synchronization while showing off their emotions throughout their dance! Be sure to check their dance practice below!

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MADTOWN Asks You to Fill Their “Emptiness” In 2nd MV Teaser 1theK has released the 2nd teaser video of MADTOWN's comeback. Compared to the strong image we usually see from the boys, it seems like they're going for a more mature and emotional route this time! You can check our their heartful teaser above and let us know what you think! You can also check out our previous… Continue reading MADTOWN Asks You to Fill Their “Emptiness” In 2nd MV Teaser

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MADTOWN Teases for Comeback (Images + MV Teaser)

Boy group MADTOWN is having a comeback with their 3rd mini album, “Emotion.” Although usually having a fun or charismatic hip hop concept, the group will be experimenting with their emotional side with the title track, “Emptiness.” The group will be making their comeback on June 21 and will be releasing additional teaser photos up… Continue reading MADTOWN Teases for Comeback (Images + MV Teaser)