BTS Surprises Super Fans On Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

As the kpop entertainment industry may know, popular seven member boy band, BTS are currently in the U.S. about to make their highly anticipated debut stage at the AMAs (American Music Awards) this Sunday at the Microsoft Theatre in LA!

Since their arrival on the 14th, the members of BTS have been busy as ever! Most recently, the boys have already recorded ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden” on Tuesday, and just the day before yesterday, they dominated their outdoor mini concert at ‘Jimmel Kimmy LIVE’! It is also still unsure if the the boys of BTS will be recording in the studio w/the studio audience on Nov. 20th.

Meanwhile, check out the snippet from ‘Jimmel Kimmy LIVE’, when he introduces BTS + shares a clip where they gathered moms of fans who were excitedly waiting in line, and what happens after… make sure to check it out for yourself!

BTS is also set to record the Ellen Degeneres Show next Tuesday, Nov. 21st with the recording to air on the 27th. BTS has only been in the U.S. for a couple days, and already their schedule is tightly packed with recordings and rehearsals to attend! They’re set to be on multiple radio shows, so be sure to catch them when you can!

As the first ever K-pop group to have an album chart in the top 10 on the Billboard 200, BTS has definitely been dominating the music scene this year, as they were greeted by hundreds of fans at the LAX airport.

With a super busy schedule, we sure hope the boys do get some rest before their big U.S debut day on Sunday!


[Concert] DΞΔN to Perform For the First Time in L.A!

It is now confirmed! DΞΔN is will perform for the first time in L.A. in June!

The South Korean R&B artist, DΞΔN, has been announced by Spam N Eggs to be one of the artists to perform Thursday the 2nd of June 2016 at the Club Bound LA in Los Angeles, California. Other artists or should I say DJ’s, such as MONO/POLY, Them Jeans, Soda Pop and DJ Zo will also be alongside DΞΔN. More artists are to be announced.

The Early Bird Special tickets and the Limited Discount tickets are already sold out, but you can still buy Presale tickets for $30 (here) or at the door for $35. The show will be from 9:30pm to 2am. To enter the club you will have to be 18+ and to drink 21+.

You can also buy Merch here and visit Spam N Eggs official website here.

DΞΔN has also been confirmed for concerts in Chicago and NYC! Siva Group will be the ones bringing the R&B singer on the 4th of June 2016 in NYC.

Are you excited for DΞΔN’s first L.A performance?



Oh. My. Goodness.

KCON has finally revealed additional artists for both stops!!!

AND GUESS WHO IT IS?! (I cannot contain my excitement any longer.)


BTS will be attending KCON LA 2016! How exciting is that?!

They also announced artists for KCON NY too! 

day6 daydream



Tickets for KCON NY will go on sale on May 13, and KCON LA tickets will go on sale on June 3!

Here’s a break down of the dates that tickets will be sold!

  • 5/13 1PM EST KCON NY Combo/Platinum Tickets
  • 5/16 1PM EST KCON NY Single Tickets
  • 6/3 1PM EST KCON LA Combo/Platinum Tickets
  • 6/6 1PM EST KCON LA Single Tickets


If you want more updates OR to stay updated with KCON be sure to visit their website at AND follow them on Twitter @KCONUSA! They also have Snapchat, so be sure to add kconusa! ONE LAST THING. If you’re using ANY social media platforms, make sure to use the hastags #KCON16NY and #KCON16LA!

KCON 2016 will be held on JUNE 24th +25th in NEW YORK and July 29th-31st in L.A! 

P.S.- Be sure to checkout the artist reveal videos down below if you haven’t done so yet! We’ll see you at KCON everyone! #KCON16NY #KCON16LA