Kyuhyun Releases MVs for ‘Still’ & ‘Blah Blah’

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun has made a comeback with not one, but two MVs!

The first song is “Blah Blah” and the second is “Still,” both emotional ballads suited for the autumn season.

Kyuhyun is back with his 3rd mini album, “Waiting, Still,” with songs produced by Yoon Jong Shin and Sung Si Kyung.

He also released “At Gwanghwamun” in 2014 and “Fall, Once Again” in 2015.


Taeyeon and Kyuhyun are promoting water on Jeju-do!

Taeyeon and Kyuhyun are promoting water in their newest CF!

On 11 April 2016, the YouTube channel Kwangdong released two short MV’s with Kyuhyun (Super Junior) and Taeyeon (Girls Generation) in the spotlight! The two are singing solos in each MV.

The CF’s are about promoting water. It was filmed on the popular Korean island called Jeju-do.

You can watch the CF’s below!

Kyuhyun spotlight:

Taeyeon spotlight:

Funny fact: Taeyeon’s version has topped about five different charts without promotion!

(MV review) Kyuhyun – The Day We Felt The Distance

Kyuhyun 12

It was already a couple of days ago, but Kyuhyun has published a surprise MV! After A Million Pieces, Kyuhyun released another song named, The Day We Felt The Distance. While AMP has a Autumn theme, TDWFTD has a more Winter like theme. We only need Spring and Summer now :p

The song is about a day where a couple is not close anymore. We see parts of the past mixed with the present.  Reflecting through the couples memories, we were led through the MV where the black and white parts presented the past and the coloured bits were meant to be the present.

The song is beautiful. You can hear the soul of Kyuhyun being poured in the song, especially in the chorus. I really like how the MV was made, we see one story in two different times. But there was one thing that really disturbed me, and that was the fake snow. It was too fake for me! But overall, it was a nice song and MV mixed together.

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And watch the MV below!


Kyuhyun (조규현) releases the MV of 밀리언조각(A Million Pieces)!

Kyuhyun 11

After a long wait (for me then), Kyuhyun (조규현) finally released the mv for 밀리언조각(A Million Pieces)! It’s about Kyuhyun who likes a girl (Real name: Go Ah Ra 고아라) which he accidentally met on the streets. He follows her and pretend he was just visiting those places too. At a moment the girl suspected Kyuhyun for stalking her.

Translation selfie scene:

A: *Attempts to take a selfie but got shocked when she saw Kyuhyun again*
A: Are you following me?
K: *Looks around* Me?
A: You’ve been following me since we first met.
K: No, I didn’t.
A: *Tries to make a selfie*K: Should we make a bet? If we’re going to meet each other in one hour, we’ll hang around in the city.
I’m not a weird person, I’m just a student! Look this is my student ID.
A: No, it’s okay.
In one hour?
K: Right! *holds his hand out*
A: *Didn’t shake the hand but bowed to him and walked away*
K: *Plays Rock Paper Scissors alone.*

After that scene, they were visiting a market. They were looking at some stuff but didn’t see each other. But when Go Ah Ra wanted to grab a book, they touched each others hands by mistake. Kyuhyun tried to shake her hand, but failed once again. Ah Ra walks away and Kyuhyun runs after her. She stopped walking and has a conversation with Kyuhyun.

Translation map scene

K: Did you come alone?
A: *Nods*
K: *Wanted to put his arm on her*
A: Should we drop formalities?
K: Yes
A: *Takes her phone out of her pocket and searches something on Google Maps*
K: Do you think it’ll be enough to search like that? *Takes her hand and pulls her with him*

They’re having a lot of fun in the city and arrived after a couple of seconds in front of a church. Kyuhyun wanted to dance with her so he asked for her hand and they danced for a while. When they ended up close to each other, Kyuhyun had a weird expression on his face; Ah Ra was nervous so she pretended as if nothing had happened. But Kyuhyun pulled her into a hug.

We see them on a boat, where they’re behaving like a child xD

Translation boatscene:

K: By the way, what’s your name?
A: I’ll tell you tomorrow.
K: Then, will we meet each other tomorrow coincidentally again?
A: Yes, try to find me~

Seperated from Kyuhyun, Ah Ra checks the photos she took and saw that Kyuhyun posed on the photos too. Meanwhile, we’re discovering how Kyuhyun could’ve followed her. Ah Ra dropped her map where she marked and listed all the places she was going to visit.

The next morning Kyuhyun is waiting for her in front of Titlis, a place where people can ski. But she didn’t showed up at the time she wrote on the paper.

The previous evening Ah Ra was looking at the printed pictures but suddenly she had a headache and rushed to her bag where she had left her medicines. The little “box” where she actually put her medicines in was empty, so she hurried to her suitcase where she had an extra box. But when Ah Ra opened the “box” she accidentally dropped all her pills on the ground. She fell on her knees and cried her lungs out. In the scenes in between, we see Kyuhyun waiting for her at the top of a mountain. Only we, the viewers, know what had happened to her. And we know that she won’t show up.


I saw the MV seven hours after it was released and was mindblown. The boatscene was beautiful! It’s nice to see that SM used the location well! The song was also beautiful and it really fits the story. I was so immersed in the story and almost cried when Ah Ra was crying xD But overall, I think Kenzie (the composer of the song), SM and Kyuhyun did a great job!

Watch the MV yourself below! 

Watch it here!

Kyuhyun (규현) to have a comeback! [Teasers + comeback date]

Kyuhyun (규현) has announced another comeback! He’ll release the mini-album If Autumn Comes Again (다시가을이오면) at 15 October! The mini-album contains 7 tracks including his titletrack named A Million Pieces. The song, composed by the famous composter Kenzie, will be performed for the first time at M Countdown also at 15 October. It’ll be out in almost the same period as At Gwanghwamun (previous comeback) and it has once again the autumn concept. But that doesn’t make my anticipation fade!

SM has released an CF parody starring Kyuhyun and F(Amber). Amber produced the video herself.
Watch it here!

Trans CF parody:

Kyuhyun voice: “Autumn is sad and is also lonely…”
Amber: “Oppa, are you making coffee?”
Kyuhyun: “I’m making autumn.” (가을탑니다)

Text: “Music that has never been elsewhere on earth, check Kyuhyun’s songs and make autumn the right way.”
Last text: Making autumn/Kyuhyun ballad.

If you want to know where they got the idea from, here’s the official CF

Also, Music Bank released an teaservideo of him. You can watch it here.

Teaser photo’s:

Kyuhyun 2

Kyuhyun 3

Kyuhyun 4

Kyuhyun 5

Kyuhyun 6

Kyuhyun 7

Kyuhyun 8

Kyuhyun 10

Kyuhyun 9

I can’t wait! Let’s hope he’ll release a beautiful song! ^^