Taeyang Unveils Teasers for “White Night” Double Title Tracks

BIGBANG's Taeyang solo comeback is coming fast!

After releasing a music video for the "Intro" of his upcoming album "White Night," YG Entertainment revealed on their official SNS accounts, two teaser posters for the upcoming title tracks.

According to the teasers, "White Night" will have two title tracks to be entitled "Darling" and "Wake Me Up". Knowing YG, we can expect both title tracks to have music videos. Make sure you check out the company's YouTube channel on the 16th of August 2017; the day of the album release.

"Darling" was written by Teddy and composed by Teddy, 8!, Choice37 and Futurebounce. It was arranged by Teddy, Choice37 and Seo Won Jin. The song was described as emphasizing the sad feelings felt during a break up. The music video for "Darling" was filmed in Alaska and LA.Taeyang Darling

"Wake Me Up" was written and arranged by Kush and Joe Rhee. It was composed by Kush, Joe Rhee and R.Tee. According to Taeyang, who loved the concept and end result of this song, it will showcase new vocal colors. The singer also added that the song is telling the story of someone not wanting to wake up after dreaming about a lover.Taeyang Wake Me Up

Make sure you stay tuned for more updates and the official release! Are you excited for Taeyang's long awaited comeback?


Mino x Bobby Sub-Unit MOBB Debuts with MV for “Full House” & “Hit Me”

YG’s new sub-unit “MOBB” has finally debuted!

After Bobby’s solo debut on the 7th of September 2016 KST with “Holup! and Mino’s solo debut on the 8th of September 2016 KST with “Body, the boys debuted as a new YG Entertainment unit on the 9th of September 2016 KST with a double digital single and two music videos. The sub-unit MOBB, MinoxBobby, went all out with the songs “Hit Me” and “Full House” featuring the YG vibe and some of the agency’s best composers and arrangers.

Hit Me” features composer and writer Kush, who recently appeared on the rap survival show “Show Me The Money 5” and won second place. The song is a laid back and chill hip hop track written by both Bobby and Mino. The chorus is sung by both Mino and Bobby and I have to say, it’s not a bad thing to hear them sing cause they are quite good ~.~ The music video showcases the boys getting bored at home and deciding to go out to a club to have fun. It features a cameo of Hilite Records rapper, G2 and YG Entertainment rapper, One.

Check out the music video for “Hit Me” below:

Full House” is a hard hitting party hip hop track that will make you want to move and jump around as the song goes on. The chorus is really really good, although it’s autotuned. I like it a lot, it gives a totally different vibe than the first song. The music video showcases the boys surrounded by girls and showing the boys rapping. The MV’s aesthetics are really nice to watch and it goes hard with all the lights flashing and the different colors popping out of nowhere. It also features a cameo of 2NE1‘s leader and rapper, CL. If I had to chose between the two songs, this one would be my favorite eventhough I really like both 😉

Check out the music video for “Full House” below:

What do you think of the debut of MOBB? Do you like it? Which song is your favorite?

YG Gives Out Information on The Black Label + Zion.T Joins the Label!

More information on The Black Label and Zion.T’s comeback revealed!

In a recent interview, YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, aka YG, talked about his new label The Black Label, as well as its first artist Zion.T‘s comeback.

According to YG, The Black Label, managed by YG’s best producers Teddy and Kush, will be an independent label just like Tablo‘s HIGHGRND label. The label just finished their first round of audition where they enlisted a total of seven members on the production team. A variety of genres and music should be expected from these unique and talented producers.

YG added that The Black Label will introduce music to the label starting with a new album from Zion.T. Kush and Teddy are planning on working with a lot of unique and original musicians, which YG has great expectations of.

Are you excited for The Black Label and Zion.T’s comeback?

[Update] SMTM5 Reveals Lineup for U.S. Concerts!

The lineup for SMTM5 U.S. concerts has been announced!

After announcing SMTM5 for two amazing concerts in the United States, on the 11th of July 2016, POWERHOUSE sent to all their subscribers new updates about the concerts. Most of the lineup were revealed and you won’t be disappointed.

ALL of the producers were confirmed for BOTH concerts! Yeah yeah! You read right! All of the producers, that are the two producers of each team for a total of eight rappers confirmed! If you don’t follow SMTM5 or just want to make sure you read right, the lineup will be as follows:

  • Dok2
  • The Quiett
  • Gil
  • Mad Clown
  • Zion.T
  • Kush
  • Simon Dominic
  • Gray

Also, please remember that more people such as contestants might be added. It all depends on the winner and final contestants.

As a reminder, the two concerts will take place in the following locations:

  • Chicago at the Rosemont Theatre on the 3rd of September
  • Los Angeles at The Novo venue on the 4th of September


The tickets and seating charts will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Are you excited for the SMTM5 U.S. concerts?

Kush & Zion.T to Release Studio Version of “Machine Gun” ft. Song Mino

This is some of the most exciting news for all the SMTM5 viewers… A studio version of “Machine Gun”! If you don’t follow Show Me The Money 5, you might be wondering what “Machine Gun” is, and what all this excitement is about.

“Machine Gun” was written and produced by YG‘s Kush, along with Zion.T for a special producer stage to appeal to the contestants on SMTM5. The song was a huge success, which led to the duo to be voted number one among the four producer teams. The impact of the song was so heavy that a lot of fans asked for a studio version, which wasn’t planned at first but, guess what?! It is coming our way, and coming very soon!

On the 26th of June 2016, Kush and Zion.T teased us on their official Instagram account about the official release of the studio version of “Machine Gun“. The song also features WINNER‘s Song Mino, who spits straight fire after the first half of the song. (He really is amazing).

The track is set to be released on the 29th of June 2016 at 0AM KST. Are you excited?

Check out the full performance below, and enjoy! (“Machine Gun” starts at 3:35min.)

[SMTM5] New teaser pictures of the producers released!

After releasing the first set of teaser pictures and a teaser video of the producers, SMTM5 is back again with a new set of teaser pictures!!

On the of April 2016, the official Twitter account of the rap survival show “Show Me The Money“, released a new set of individual and pair teaser pictures of the producers for the upcoming fifth season. The upcoming season will have new producers for the first time ever such as Kush, Zion. T, Mad Clown, Gil, Simon D and Gray. The only producers coming back for a second season are Dok2 and The Quiett, who participated in season three and won with IKON‘s Bobby. Famous idols and underground rappers such as Donutman, #GUN and TOPP DOGG’s rappers auditioned. You can check out more here.

Check out the teaser pictures below:

















Stay tuned for the shows first episode!

[SMTM5] Meet The Producers!

Show Me The Money season 5 is right around the corner.

A few days ago, the official Twitter for SMTM5 unveiled teaser pictures of the producers. The pictures are simple pictures showing the producers in teams and holding a window glass with the stickers “Show Me What You Got” and “$how Me The Money 5” on it.

As a reminder, the producers for this fifth season are: Gray, Simon D, The Quiett, Dok2, Mad Clown, Gil, Zion. T and Kush. If you missed the article announcing the idols ready to compete on the show, check it out here.

Check out the teaser pictures of the producers below:





Are you excited for this new season of SMTM?