SF9 & Highlight Join KCON 2017 NY Lineup! (+Ticket Information)

The KCON 2017 NY lineup just keeps getting better and better!

This year, the mega concert and convention has already announced popular groups such as TWICE, CNBLUE, and GFRIEND.

Now, SF9 and Highlight has been added to growing list of performers! SF9 will showcase their fresh talent on an American stage for the first time, while Highlight will be bringing an experienced flair to the concert.

Ticketing information has also been revealed, along with the introduction to a new ticket tier: Diamond Tickets. Diamond Tickets are a level above Platinum tickets and entails all-access to hi-touch, audience engagements, red carpets, and more.

KCON 2017 NY will take place at the Prudential Center in Newark from June 23 to 24. More artists will be announced next week, so make sure to stay tuned!

Will you be there?

Next to Join KCON NY 2017 Is…

Some of you may have already seen and heard about the announcement KCON made yesterday… but next to join the artist line-up is GFriend (여자친구)!

Just last year, GFriend had attended and performed at KCON LA 2016. This time, the girls will be traveling all the way to New York to perform and attend KCON once again! Since their attendance, the girls have recently released their newest EP, “The Awakening” with their title track, “Fingertip”.

For those of you who are wondering about other details in regards to KCON– i.e ticketing, hotel prices, schedule information, KCON has just stated and will be posting that information as soon as possible, so do stay tuned!

Also on another note, popular YouTube artist, musician and Kpop enthusiat, JunCurryAhn, will be attending both KCON NY AND KCON LA as a special guest!


Meanwhile, CN Blue and TWICE are also set to be attending KCON NY 2017 as well!

KCON Announces Official Dates for KCON 2017 NY and LA!

The wait is over, because we’re finally getting dates for KCON 2017 NY and KCON 2017 LA!

KCON has officially dropped the announcement that the annual Korean convention and concert will take place from June 23 to 24 for New York, and August 18 to 20 for LA.

The mega event began in 2012 in LA and has since expanded to the East Coast, along with various countries such as Korea, Japan, Mexico, Abu Dhabi, and France.

KCON Mexico is right around the corner and will take place from March 17 to 18, with headliners like BTS, Red Velvet, ASTRO, and Monsta X.

This is the time to start saving up!

Stay tuned for updates, including artist announcements and more! For more information, check out KCON‘s official website and Twitter.

KCON Announces First KCON Mexico & First Artist to Join Concert Line-Up

To all our Mexican K-pop followers, I hope you’re ready for the biggest news of the year!

A few days ago, KCON, the widely known Hallyu festival, announced that this year they’ll be hosting for the first time a KCON MEXICO. Yes! A KCON MEXICO! It will take place at the Mexico City Arena from March 17th to 18th 2017. You’ll have the opportunity to encounter your favorite Kpop stars, participate in interactive workshops and countless booths of fun!

In addition to this big news, they also announced the first artist to join the concert line-up, and to the delight of fans, it’s none other than MONSTA X! For the first time MONSTA X will go to Mexico to perform at the first KCON MEXICO. Isn’t that exciting??

Make sure to stay tuned for more information on KCON MEXICO and also KCON USA and the lineups!

Official “SMTM5” Merch to be Available at KCON LA 2016 + Contestants Revealed for U.S. Concerts

Great news for all the fans of SMTM5 and are attending KCON LA 2016.

Just a few hours ago, POWERHOUSE, the Kpop concert company bringing the rap survival show Show Me The Money 5 to the U.S. for amazing concerts, added contestants to the lineup and revealed they will be selling official SMTM5 merch at KCON LA 2016.

Previously, the lineup was only composed of all eight SMTM5 producers which meant: Dok2The QuiettSimon DominicGrayKushZion.TMad Clown and Gil. On the recent update of the show poster, two new participants for the U.S. concerts were added and it is none other than….. the two finalists C Jamm and Bewhy! Chicago and Los Angeles are sure lucky cities! I’m sure now everyone is even more excited to go! There’s still tickets left, so go check out this article to learn more about the cities, venues and tickets prices!

And there’s more great news for all the fans living in the West coast! POWERHOUSE will be selling official SMTM5 merch at their booth at KCON LA 2016 convention! The booth will be located in the convention marketplace near the event stage. They will sell caps, t-shirts, hoodies and more! Get a sneak peek below:


As a reminder, here’s the convention schedule:

  • 7/29 Fri 12PM-6PM
  • 7/30 Sat 10AM-6PM
  • 7/31 Sun 10AM-6PM

Are you excited for the SMTM5 concerts and merch?

KCON France: Recap (Pictures + Videos)

Hello Sweeties~

Today we have a special article about the KCON FRANCE event that took place in Paris, France just over a month ago on June 2nd. It was hosted by Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk and had an amazing lineup including BTS, Block B, I.O.I, FTISLAND, F(x) and SHINee.

We asked one of the attendees, Anais, to share her journey with us and the pictures that she took during the performances.


First of all, the security was on point. We had to go through two customs and a metal detector. It was really comforting, especially after the events that had happened in Paris. After that, we went into the concert hall to find our seats. Even though I was in Category 4, I had an amazing view, which was right in front of the stage. I thought the hall was a bit small, though compared to the amount of people standing in the pit. I also want to share that the fan groups did an amazing job at distributing banners and other fandom goodies to the fans! The concert started around 2pm with MC Leeteuk accompanying us the whole night! Leeteuk was perfect! We also had the honor to have South Korea’s President, Ms. Park Geun Hye attend the concert as well.The evening began with BTS, who did an introduction song for the concert and it was a real success. The first group that really kicked things off was Block B, who sang “Toy” and it was an exploit. I personally loved their performance, since they were really into it and we all know starting a concert is not an easy thing to do, but the boys of Block B did an awesome job, getting us to move and sing to their songs! They sang “Toy”, “Very Good”, “Her” and “NalinA”! After Block B, it was the rookie group, I.O.I, that took the stage. They were all so adorable and even though they are rookies, we all had our hearts melted when they started to speak, as they spoke in broken French. They covered two ballad songs, which I don’t recall the names, and “Pick Me”.

Afterwards, my queens, F(x) took to the stage and I have to say, I couldn’t stay still, especially with Amber turning up the stage. The girls were so incredible; it was like a dream. Amber will probably forever be my biggest high of the day, as her kindness towards everyone, just warmed my heart.  They performed “4 Walls” and the entire crowd was singing and dancing along with them, it was really incredible to see everyone just sing and dance along to the song. F(x) also performed “Hot Summer” and “Rum Pum Pum Pum” and Luna also performed “Free Somebody” for the first time ever on stage, as it’s her newest solo song.

After F(x) it was my favorite group’s turn, BTS! I FINALLY had the chance to see my U.Bs (ultimate bias(es)) Jimin and Jungkook in real life! When BTS arrived on stage it was amazing to see how much energy the entire audience gave them. BTS performed “FIRE”, and it was perfection. Namjoon also performed “What Am I To You”, which was absolute magic, his rapping live was pure perfection. They continued by singing “Dope”, and everyone was so into it and I couldn’t stop singing the fan chants as “Dope” is my favorite song. They also sang “I NEED U”, “Save Me” and “Fun Boyz”. Even though they were probably very tired, they gave their all and it was really amazing. It’s difficult to have the same feeling after BTS performed, but FTISLAND surprised us all and their brilliant performance. FTISLAND’s performance was my favorite, since they were one of my favorite groups when I first got into Kpop. Hongki was amazing and full of energy. They began with “Pray”, then continued with their other songs like “Freedom”, “Severely”, and another song that I can’t recall. FTISLAND really was on fire and their nine years of experience on stage was definitely showcased throughout their performances.

Last but not least, the show ended with SHINee. And let me tell you, it was simply A-MA-ZING! They proved why they are the Kings of Kpop! They performed “Lucifer”, “Sherlock”, “View” and to my biggest shame, another song that I cannot recall… “View” was really remarkable and everybody was so into it by dancing along and giving their all. During the concert, we also had the chance to hear Taemin and Hongki both sing some of the most emblematic French OSTs. We all succumbed to their charms. Another great surprise we got was being able to witness Amber perform her solo song, “Shake That Brass”, ft. one of the I.O.I members. Aaaaaah. Amber my queen, I love her so much!!! To finish the shows, we had the chance to witness another amazing performance, and this time it was a duet from F(x)’s Luna and Block B’s Taeil! They performed ZICO’s song “SONG NAME”.

We want this more often! It was amazing! We were also able to see Leeteuk dance to some of SNSD’s songs and hear him speak French to us, and honestly, we could not have asked for anything better. KCON France was an incredible concert and I have no regrets of going. I am an ARMY and everyone was so nice to me! If you’re nice to other fandoms, fans, people and etc, you’ll definitely get treated with respect! The positive points of the event were being able to meet with other Kpop fans around the world. The negative point would be the convention. It was unfortunate that only 1,000 people were allowed to go in and we even stood in line for the whole day, only to receive nothing in the end :/

As the concert came to an end, it was on a great note, for all the artists said “see you next year”, which left us with a small hope of it being true!

Check out the pictures below taken by Anai’s during the concert:

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Check out some videos of the performances:

What do you think of the pictures and performances?

KCON LA Updates! D-14

After having their usual Thursday live streams for fans to have a chance to ask any additional questions for the event, KCON has added some new and exciting events to KCON LA!

#1: If any of you are gamers and LOVE Halo, this is your chance to hop on over to KCON and watch the Halo Championship Series: Pro League Finals! Tickets will be on sale July 15th @10am PST on the AXS website (you can click here for more information) and the event will be held @ The Novo (formerly known as Club Nokia).

#2: Many YouTubers will be joining the panels! Popular YouTubers that will be coming to KCON LA are JunCurryAhn, Sunny’s Channel, J.R.E, heyitsfeii, Nicola Foti, Meejmuse and many more! Not to mention, GoToeKyung will be joining the YouTube panel line up as well!

#3: Download the KCONUSA app! With many games, dances, competitions, beauty panels and more, you want to make sure you’re up to date with the events that are being held! KCON USA will be updating the app soon and have all the information that all you KCONers need to know!

Last but not least…Make sure you check out the social media accounts of KCON USA! They’re frequently updating and hosting games for fans to have a chance at winning prizes and tickets! You can follow them on Twitter @kconusa and on instagram @kconusa as well.

It’s almost time for KCON LA! Are you all ready?!