JJ Project Drops ‘Verse 2’ Comeback Schedule

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has come—after 5 years since their debut, JJ Project is officially making their comeback!  The GOT7 duo have set the comeback in works with the release of their full schedule ‘Verse 2’. 

JB and Jinyoung of JJ Project have recently expressed their excitement with their upcoming comeback. 

JJP will comeback on July 31 with the release of their album, music video, showcase, photo exhibition and photo essay. Fans are definitely esctatic about the return of the legendary duo!

GOT7’s Youngjae Collaboration With Sanjoy and Elliott Yamin in the Works!

Fellow ahgases (IGOT7s) have been waiting for this day to come—GOT7 member Youngjae (Ars) is officially collaborating with artists Sanjoy and Elliott Yamin! The highly praised vocalist received a special surprise back in January at GOT7‘s fanmeet in LA when Sanjoy and Elliott Yamin stopped by to show support. Their appearance was thanks to ahgases who shared Youngjae‘s story about his JYPE audition and his admiration for them. 

Youngjae has made a surprise visit to New York City to meet up with Elliott and Sanjoy for the special collaboration. Currently, the 3 artists are about to start working together on new music, even remaking Youngjae‘s solo song “Trauma”. The music is expected to have fusions of Bollywood, K-pop and international. 

Youngjae‘s admiration towards their music dates back to when he sang Elliott Yamin‘s song “Wait For You” at his audition for JYP Entertainment in 2013. He passed successfully and immediately joined the group set to debut as GOT7.

Several years later, and he sings the same song in front of the artists he looks up to. 

Stay tuned for more updates about this sweet collaboration! 

DAY6 Makes a Sweet Return with “Hi Hello”

MyDays, DAY6 is back once again with their monthly release! For the month of July, DAY6 makes a sweet comeback with their blissful song “Hi Hello”.

In the music video, each member is stuck in the middle of nowhere, trekking their way until DAY6 leader Sungjin picks them up. Eventually, each member joins him on a road trip, making memories together.

In addition to this fine track, “Be Lazy” is also featured on this month’s single EveryDay6 July.

TWICE Shows Off Super Powers in ‘Signal’ Teasers

The lovely members of TWICE show off their super powers in teasers for their comeback with “Signal!”

They have released an additional set of concept images, all of which have a theme of super powers, such as Momo‘s super speed and Tzuyu‘s super strength.

In addition to the concept photos, three MV teasers have been released and feature the members peeking out from hiding spots behind the trees.

TWICE is officially coming back on May 15 at 6PM with their newest album, “Signal.”

TWICE Gives You a ‘Signal’ in Latest Concept Photos

TWICE is giving us a signal in their latest concept photos for “Signal.”

The members strike cute poses (which are bound to go viral) in unique outfits and sets. So far, images have been released for members Sana, Nayeon, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Jeongyeon, and Jihyo.

The group has also unveiled an official tracklist, with 6 different songs, along with a detailed comeback schedule.

The group is returning with “Signal” on May 15 at 6PM KST!

You ready, Once?

DAY6’s Sungjin is Ready to “Dance Dance” for May Comeback

Concluding the activities for their April release of “I’m Serious”, DAY6 is once again making way for their next monthly single. In preparation of their next comeback, JYP Entertainment released some sweet ethereal photos of DAY6‘s Sungjin.

DAY6 will comeback on May 8 with “Dance Dance”, as part of their monthly project for EveryDAY6. Each month, the band releases a single featuring 2 songs and a music video. The project EveryDAY6 began in January, and will be completed at the end of the year—meaning that by the end of the year, DAY6 will have released 24 songs and 12 music videos.

So if you haven’t had a chance to check out DAY6, it’s okay—you definitely have time!

Let GOT7 Unlock Your Heart with a New “Never Ever” Dance Practice

Whew! Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? GOT7 released an exclusive dance practice for “Never Ever”, but this time there’s a twist—it’s the unlock version!

For this dance practice, the members get up close and personal with the viewer when performing their parts, making just about anyone’s heart flutter instantly! Take a look at the special version by GOT7 as they make way to unlock the hearts of fans.

Did you make it to the end of the video? What was your favorite part?