BTS Member J-Hope Drops Mixtape Release Date

ARMYs, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! J-Hope has confirmed information about his long-awaited mixtape, which will be released early next month on March 2.

Dubbed by fans as “Hixtape,” J-Hope‘s mixtape has been the talk of fans for ages, as everyone has been excited for it to come out.

Now that we finally have a release date, all we need to do now is wait.


BTS Drops Comeback Trailer for ‘WINGS’

At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

BTS has revealed their official comeback date and trailer for “Wings,” titled “Boy Meets Evil.”

In the teaser, Rap Monster narrates about being captured by the Devil and member J-Hope executes a flawless, emotional choreography piece and rap about encountering a “sweet” evil.

After revealing a film series not too long ago, BTS has gotten fans excited for their upcoming releases.

Now with their official comeback slated for October 10th, fans have a lot to look forward to!

Watch the trailer here, on V Live!

BTS Releases “Wings” 6th Short Film “Mama” Featuring J-Hope

BTS has released a 6th short film for their upcoming comeback!

On the 10th of September 2016 KST, Big Hit released on their official YouTube channel, the sixth short film for BTS’ upcoming second full length album “Wings“. So far we were able to see Jungkook, Suga, Taehyung, Jimin and Rap Monster in short films where they showcased their great acting skills. According to recent reports, the boys are set to release “Wings” in October, so it’s coming our way slowly but surely 😉

Today’s short film, entitled “Mama“, showcases J-Hope in a white room taking a pill before he starts going crazy and the room becomes full of neon lights. Just like the previous teasers, the short movie starts with a line of the German author Hermann Hesse’s “Demian” book, which is narrated by Rap Monster.

Check out the short film below:

Are you excited for BTS’ comeback?

[Song] BTS’s J-Hope releases single “1 Verse”


J-Hope finally dropped his first solo track~~

BTS‘s J-Hope who debuted in 2013 under Big Hit agency with the song “Bulletproof“, released on the 22nd of December KST for the first time, a solo track.

The song is call “1 Verse” and it’s a rap song, not a surprise as, J-Hope is one of the rappers of BTS. There are rumors that he will, in the near future, release his first mixtape composed of fifteen songs. It would not be a surprise as J-Hope announced one year ago, that he was working on a fifteen songs mixtape and with his newly released track today it could only confirm it. Stay tuned for more information on this rumor.

1 Verse” starts with a Spanish melody and then the beat starts to go faster. J-Hope’s voice, as well as his rap, is just amazing. ** 

No more talking and just go listen to the song if you haven’t already!

What do you think of this solo track? Do you like it?