HyunA to Make a Comeback This August

Great news for all the HyunA fans!

CUBE Entertainment confirmed a few days ago that HyunA is in the final stage of preparing for a new release, possibly a new album. The title track has already been selected and the music video filming is set to take place very soon.

Singer HyunA had previously confirmed a summer comeback while she was promoting with Triple H. Looks like the comeback will happen at the end of August. This will be HyunA's first comeback in a little over a year.

Make sure to stay tuned for more updates! Are you excited?

New Co-Unit Triple H Releases Music Video for “365 Fresh”

Triple H is here!

On the 1st of May 2017, CUBE Entertainment released on their official YouTube channel, the long awaited music video for the agency’s new unit: Triple H! As you may have heard, Triple H is a three member unit composed of former 4Minute member Hyuna and current boy group Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn (Hyojong).

The unit just released their first mini album entitled “199X“, composed of 4 songs and an instrumental of the title track “365 Fresh“. All of the songs were written by Hyuna and E’Dawn, you can check more information on the album’s tracklist here.

The music video showcases Hyuna committing murder after being sexually harassed, Hui being beaten up and E’Dawn wanting to commit suicide before all of them steal a car, find money and live the high life having some fun altogether (even having some intimate time~).

Watch the full MV below:

What do you think of Triple H’s “debut”? Do you like the song/MV?

CUBE Entertainment Releases Tracklist for Triple H Debut Mini Album “199X”

Are you ready for Triple H’s debut?

On the 20th of April 2017, CUBE Entertainment released on their official social media accounts the tracklist for the agency’s new co-ed unit, Triple H. The unit was confirmed a few weeks ago unveiling its three members: former 4Minute member, Hyuna as well as Pentagon’s members E’Dawn(Hyojong) and Hui. According to previous teaser videos and pictures, the unit will have a retro summery debut concept.

As for their debut mini album, it will be entitled “199X” and will be composed of five tracks including four songs and the instrumental of the title track “365 Fresh“. Hyuna and E’Dawn participated in the writting of all the songs while Hui participated in the writting of the first track only.

Check out the full tracklist below:

The album is set to drop on the 1st of May 2017 KST! Make sure to stay tuned!

CUBE Entertainment Uploads Mysterious “Triple H” Teaser + Reveal Members

I hope you all are ready for what Cube has in store for us~

After announcing that former 4Minute‘s rapper Hyuna will be participating in a planned project group, CUBE Entertainment released on the 3rd of April 2017 a mysterious red and yellow teaser image reading “Triple H“.

Many fans started guessing that “Triple H” was the name of the planned project group to which Hyuna will be participating… and well, you weren’t wrong! A few hours later, the agency issued a report to OSEN stating that Hyuna, Pentagon‘s Hui and Pentagon‘s E’Dawn(Hyojong) will be forming the co-ed group “Triple H“.

The three members have already completed the album jacket shooting and according to previous report will debut as a group in May.

Check out the “Triple H” teaser below:

Are you excited for this new group? Stay tuned for more updates and teasers!

HyunA Takes Over Toronto!

HyunA came through to Toronto with a lot of surprises and a good time for her fans. Friday February 24th 2017, Hyuna held a concert event at Danforth Music Hall, hosted by KPOPME.
Before HyunA hit the stage, Cherry a dance cover group, got the place warmed up for the main event of the night.
HyunA came out dancing to “How This,” which set the tone for the night. Fans on both levels began to scream for her, as she commanded her stage.
This event gave you a bit of everything; awesome performances, laughter and even a bit of jealously with the lucky fans who were chosen for fun interaction games with HyunA!
First, two lucky fans played a game with her, hoping that they could give the same answer as HyunA. The fanboy won, but the fangirl didn’t really lose either, if you think about it. She still got to Hug HyunA, and got a small gift. Whereas the lucky fanboy got to take a selfie with her! You’re feeling a bit jealous too now, eh?
She continued to perform her hit songs, creating a stunning atmosphere in the venue.
After a few more songs and a Q&A, there was a lottery and a dance off with fans! HyunA could tell fans were nervous, so in the second song she helped them to loosen up a bit and have a bit of fun on stage with her. Yes, we know you are a bit jealous again.
The night came to an end way too early though. You can tell fans were having so much that they didn’t realize the night was coming to an end.
Thank you KPOPME for bringing HyunA to Toronto! We hope you can bring her back again!

KPOPME Adds More Perks for Hyuna’s North American Tour

Hyuna’s upcoming North American tour, The Queen’s Back, hit off with officially selling out Tier 2 tickets! Tier 2 tickets guaranteed a VIP package including a hi-touch pass and fast entry—but now more fans have the chance to experience that as well with Tier 2.5 tickets! Thanks to KPOPME, you can now purchase a Tier 2.5 ticket to get access to hi-touch, along with fast entry.

In addition, KPOPME has partnered with Koreaboo to give a 20% discount off of Tier 2.5 tickets! Starting February 10, 2017, fans will be able to use the discount code for the special offer.

Perks were also added to Tier 1 and Tier 2 tickets; these ticket holders will now be able to be a part of a short private Q&A session with Hyuna right before the show starts! Out of these Tier 1 and Tier 2 fans, a few lucky winners will also be given free concert merchandise from the one and only Hyuna.

Tickets are still on sale at http://www.hyuna.kpopme.com for both American and Canadian cities. Grab your ticket before they sell out fast!

More Cities and Dates Confirmed for Hyuna’s North American Tour

KPOPME surprised fans with the last set of cities and dates released to complete Hyuna‘s North American Tour, The Queen’s Back!

Hyuna is officially confirmed to be stopping by a total of 8 cities including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles for her North American tour from February to March.


Initially planned to bring a girl group for the tour, KPOPME hinted that the original girl group disbanded, leaving no other option than Hyuna of 4Minute.

Hyuna will be starting a new pathway, especially for KPOPME since this will both be their first North American tour. Tickets will go on sale January 21st at the city’s local time, 12 pm.