Comebacks, K-Pop

Dreamcatcher Reveals Mysterious Comeback Trailer

Dreamcatcher is shrouded in mystery in their most recent comeback trailer for "You and I." The brief trailer was released through VLive and has already amassed over 17,000 views and 1 million hearts from their fans. Similar to their previously-released teaser for "You and I," this teaser showcases mysterious and ominous insights into their upcoming… Continue reading Dreamcatcher Reveals Mysterious Comeback Trailer

Comebacks, K-Pop

Dreamcatcher Releases Comeback Teasers

Dreamcatcher has initiated the releases for their long-anticipated comeback! The group is returning with their 2nd mini album, "Escape the ERA," after previously delaying the album release to focus on improving the album content. In addition to individual concept photos of each member, Dreamcatcher has also unveiled an official comeback schedule. According to the schedule,… Continue reading Dreamcatcher Releases Comeback Teasers