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KNK Teases for Repackage Album, ‘GRAVITY, Completed’

KNK has released teasers for their upcoming repackage album, "GRAVITY, Completed." The image is dark and intense and depicts all of the members standing in the rain. The group dropped their second single album, "GRAVITY," in May with title song "Sun, Moon, Star." "GRAVITY, Completed" will be released on July 20.

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KNK’s “Sun.Moon.Star” Drops With Chilling Vocals

Declared as a tribute to Highlight's "Ribbon" and "12:30", YNB Entertainment's rookie group KNK makes a chilling comeback with their track "Sun.Moon.Star". Differing from their usual style, the group took on a new style to try their hand at new music---and the result is extraordinary.  Known for their astounding vocals and cool harmonies, KNK delivers another breathtaking… Continue reading KNK’s “Sun.Moon.Star” Drops With Chilling Vocals

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KNK Releases Highlight Medley for ‘Gravity’

Another insane teaser was dropped from KNK! Highlighting the songs from their 2nd single album Gravity, the teaser gives the fans a glimpse of their new change in style. The album preview features some aesthetic-looking videos of the members to compliment their new songs, including the title track "Sun.Moon.Star". KNK will make their anticipated comeback on May… Continue reading KNK Releases Highlight Medley for ‘Gravity’

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Get A Peek at KNK’s Track List for Gravity

As the days near KNK's upcoming comeback for their 2nd single album Gravity, Tinkerbells have been getting hyped up with their fresh new concept. With all eyes on them, the group has released the track list for their new single album, featuring "Sun, Moon, Star" as the title track. Gravity will consist of "Think About You", "Love You",… Continue reading Get A Peek at KNK’s Track List for Gravity

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KNK Completes the Moon and Star With New Concept Photos

YNB Entertainment's boy group KNK added two more series of ethereal concept photos in preparation of their comeback Gravity. These photos were featured in the collections for the Moon and the Star. Get a look at these striking men as they defy gravity! Moon Collection   Star Collection KNK will make their comeback on May 25 at 12:00… Continue reading KNK Completes the Moon and Star With New Concept Photos

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KNK Announces 2nd Single Album “Gravity” with Promotion Plan Poster

KNK is coming back! YNB Entertainment's 2016 rookie group, KNK, has announced their first comeback of the year with their 2nd single album to be entitled "Gravity." The comeback is set to happen on May 12th 2017 at 12pm. To kick off the teasers, the boys released a day ago on their social media accounts, a… Continue reading KNK Announces 2nd Single Album “Gravity” with Promotion Plan Poster