Let GOT7 Unlock Your Heart with a New “Never Ever” Dance Practice

Whew! Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? GOT7 released an exclusive dance practice for “Never Ever”, but this time there’s a twist—it’s the unlock version!

For this dance practice, the members get up close and personal with the viewer when performing their parts, making just about anyone’s heart flutter instantly! Take a look at the special version by GOT7 as they make way to unlock the hearts of fans.

Did you make it to the end of the video? What was your favorite part?

Catch yourself in “Paradise” with GOT7’s Unit Stage

GOT7’s non-title track from Flight Log: Arrival, “Paradise”, made its way on V Live tonight with a 3-member unit. The unit consists of Jinyoung, Mark, and Yugyeom, who performed and danced with a never-before-seen special choreography for this stage.

The members break out in relaxed dance before rising up to the beat, full of suave elegance and polished moves. Check out the unit stage and find yourself in “Paradise” with this special series of GOT the Stage!


Watch GOT7 Perform “Never Ever” For The First Time Together

It’s been a worrisome two weeks for ahgases (IGOT7s) since GOT7‘s Jackson began his hiatus from comeback activities to recover and rest. It was revealed in a behind-the-scenes clip that the member had been dealing with stress and anemia, especially due to his hectic overseas schedules. After being instructed to rest, Jackson was to halt all comeback activities, missing the group’s first comeback stages. 

But here they are, almost 2 weeks later—the whole group finally performing their song “Never Ever” together on Show! Music Core. This is their first comeback stage together as the 7-member group.

GOT7 also performed their cute song “Q”, stirring up fans’ hearts with endearing smiles.

With Jackson back and ready to promote with GOT7, the group agrees that they feel complete once again.

GOT7’s Jackson Will Be Returning Soon!

Fret no more ahgases (IGOT7s) and Jackies! JYPE has finally released another official statement following the hiatus of GOT7‘s Jackson.

JYPE announced earlier today on the JYPE FANS site that Jackson will continue resting until March 24th, and come back to participate in activities starting on March 25th.

 After becoming ill at GOT7‘s mini fanmeeting right before their comeback, it was announced he would rest until March 20th, not being able to participate in comeback activities. However, his return was eventually extended for a couple more days for full recovery and plenty of rest.

aw jackson copy

Are you excited for Jackson‘s return to complete the 7-member group? We’re excited as well!

Let’s celebrate with one of his recent composed songs on their comeback album, “OUT”!

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Busts Out Moves in Pre-Debut Video

There’s a chance you may have heard of Jackson Wang of GOT7. He’s notably known for being friends with almost everyone in the K-pop industry—EXO‘s Suho, g.o.d.‘s Park Joon Hyung, BTSRapmonster, Monsta X‘s Jooheon, f(x)‘s Amber, and more. His wide range of connections would even agree that he is indeed the “wild and sexy” Jackson.

On the recent episode of Weekly Idol, GOT7 appeared as guests for their comeback with “Never Ever”. Throughout the episode, the members were punished by showing embarrassing videos on air if they lost a game or challenge. And you guessed it—Jackson was punished with the release of one of his pre-debut videos! Back then, he busted out moves you’d never imagine right now.

Isn’t the video adorable? For more videos like this, check out their appearance on Weekly Idol.

Watch GOT7 Do Fan Chants for “Never Ever”

After hitting more than 11 million views on GOT7‘s music video for “Never Ever”, a cheer guide video was released for the fans! In the cute video, the members continuously poke fun with each other while showing off their fan chants for the song.

Although Jackson was not present due to resting from activities until March 19th, the group radiated with energy, filling the video with smiles and laughter.

The cheer guide will definitely be helpful in learning the fan chant for their future tours!

GOT7 Breaks Their Own Records

Following the release of “Never Ever”, views soared high for GOT7 on their new music video. In fact, within the first 5 hours, the music video surpassed 1 million views! Even right after, the views quickly climbed to almost 1.3 million views.

This has led GOT7 to breaking their own record for their music videos—the last comeback, “Hard Carry” reached 1 million views in 9 hours while “Never Ever” reached 1 million views in just 5 hours. The accomplishment means that “Never Ever” had the fastest time to rise to such a high amount of views!

Furthermore, album sales are different than before. GOT7‘s highest first-day album sales were from Flight Log: Turbulence, with an amount of 20,000 albums sold on the first day. However, within the first 2 hours of Flight Log: Arrival‘s release, 30,000 albums were immediately sold—and 4-5 hours after the release, the amount grew to 35,567 albums!

Indeed, GOT7 are breaking their own records and creating new milestones for themselves.