Golden Child Joins KCON 2018 NY’s Lineup!

KCON has just announced that there will be a special surprise addition to this year’s lineup, and that addition is the youthful boy group, Golden Child!

They will be joining artists such as EXID, Wanna One, Super Junior, and Red Velvet at KCON NY, which will be held from June 23 to 24 at the Prudential Center.

Golden Child is the newest group from Woollim Entertainment and are the little brothers to their labelmates, Lovelyz and Infinite.

They debuted with the upbeat and fun title track, “DamDaDi,” and recently had a comeback with the catchy song, “It’s You.”

Tickets for KCON NY go on sale May 11 at 3PM EDT. Make sure to grab your tickets to this unforgettable event!


Golden Child Debuts with ‘DamDaDi’

Woollim Entertainment‘s newest boy group, Golden Child, has just made their long-awaited debut!

The group has debuted with a fun, sports-themed MV for “DamDaDi,” the title song for their debut album, “Gol-Cha.”

The song is energetic, spirited, and catchy, and is bound to give you an energy boost when you listen to it.

Golden Child Releases Additional Debut Teasers

Golden Child has revealed additional member teasers for their upcoming debut!

The next members up for teasers are Seungmin, Jaeseok, Tag, JoochanDaeyeol, Jangjun, and Jibeom, who look handsome and refreshing in both their solo teaser clips and images.

Golden Child is Woollim Entertainment‘s newest boy group and will debut on August 28.

Woollim Entertainment Drops Profile Photos for Golden Child

Woollim Entertainment had unveiled official profile photos for the members of Golden Child!

Golden Child is comprised of 11 members and were once considered as “Woollim Boys” by fans awaiting their debut.

Golden Child is set to make an official debut very soon!

What concept do you think they’ll have?

Golden Child Continues Teasing for Upcoming Debut

Golden Child, also known as Woollim Boys, will soon be appearing on screens across the globe!

They will be starring in their very own reality show, “2017 Woollim Pick,” where they’ll show their personalities and talents to the public.

The 11-member boy group will officially be making their debut very soon after years of anticipation and a successful “W Project,” which showcased Woollim Entertainment‘s many talented artists.

Woollim Entertainment Announces Debut of Boy Group Golden Child

Woollim Boys, as Woollim Entertainment‘s male trainees are often called, will finally be debuting as Golden Child.

Earlier this year, Woollim expressed plans to debut a new group by the end of the year. Now, it’s finally happening!

We got to meet some of them through W Project and now we’ll be able to see all of them debut and perform together as a group.

Team Golden Child will consist of 11 members, ranging from Y to Seung Min. It also appears that they will be having a sports concept for their debut!

Golden Child is the junior of Infinite and Lovelyz, and one of the members, Dae Yeol, is the younger brother of Infinite member Sungyeol

Are you looking forward to their debut?