MAMAMOO to Make Summer Comeback!

MAMAMOO is slated to have a comeback in late June!

The group recently took to social media to share a mysterious teaser image that hinted at a new concept “never attempted before.” They have also encouraged fans to sign up for official fanclub membership.


The group previously released “Decalcomanie” last November as part of their fourth EP, “Memory.”

What kind of concept do you think they’ll have this time around?

KPOPSTAR 6 Contestant Jeon Min Joo Confirmed to Debut in a Girl Group

As the last season of KPOPSTAR came to an end, news of signed contracts for the contestants have spread over the week. Recently, HYWY Entertainment has confirmed that contestant Jeon Min Joo (formerly The Ark‘s leader) has been signed under their company. In addition, she will be debuting in a new girl group along with Produce 101 contestant Lee Soohyun and I Can See Your Voice participant Kim Eun Bi.

The girl group will have 4 or 5 members, participating in an OST before making their debut. The name of the girl group will be released in the following month, including the reveal of the other member(s), and is set to debut in May.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to The Ark!

On April 10, 2015, a group of 5 girls set out to make an impact in the K-pop industry—strong and fierce in everything they did, they easily impressed fans with their cool aura. From doing dance covers of EXO‘s “Call Me Baby” and BTS‘ “Boy in Luv” to covering popular songs, they gained attention for their unique image and made their way for debut. These girls consisted of Jeon Minju, Kim Euna (Yuna), Yujin, Lee Suji (Halla), and Jane. The strong hip-hop girl group made their mark that day with their debut song, “The Light”—this powerful girl group was known as The Ark.

To pay tribute to the victims of the Sewol Ferry incident, The Ark dedicated the music video for “The Light” with a similar storyline, showing a mother losing her daughter in a bus accident. The music video covered the significance of treasuring loved ones and not taking the cherished time for granted.

The Ark were one of a kind, pushing forth a strong hip-hop concept that’s rarely found amongst girl groups. Together they began their promotions with their debut single, performing often at the Han River for dance covers specially prepared by themselves. Some of these dance covers include EXO‘s “Call Me Baby” and “Overdose”, as well as BTS‘ “Boy in Luv”. So much attention was brought to their phenomenal covers that even BTS reacted to their “Boy in Luv” dance cover.

However, as time went on, one of their vocalists, Yujin, had to take time off to undergo treatment for vocal chord nodules. Eventually, the girl group was confirmed to be disbanded in 2016 by their former company, Music K Entertainment, after a long hiatus.

Even to this day, fans follow the members of The Ark in their pursuit of activities after the disbandment, giving support for the girls to continue their dreams. Recently, Jeon Minju participated in KPOPSTAR’s last season, making it to the final 10; Euna Kim participated in the third season of Unpretty Rapstar, gaining recognition for her profound rapping; Suji and Jane became a part of The Real Girls Project: The iDOLM@STER. Check out the playlist of some our favorite performances by the members.

When asked about a reunion for The Ark members, Euna and the girls expressed that they’d like for one to happen. Despite being busy in separate activities, the girls still find time to keep in contact with another.

For honoring the 2nd anniversary of The Ark‘s debut and their strong presence in the K-pop world, let’s hope for a reunion to happen soon!

Dreamcatcher Are Stunningly Fierce In “Good Night” MV

Formerly known as Minx, this girl group is definitely one to watch out for. Taking on a unique concept, the group displays a fierce and cool aura in their comeback for “Good Night”.

Built on a fresh image unlike before, Dreamcatcher show more of their chic personality in their recently released music video for “Good Night”. The intensity felt from this strong group is surreal and will have you rocking your head to the beat!

What a strong and powerful girl group! Dreamcatcher have certainly caught the attention of many!

OH MY GIRL Drops Dreamy Comeback Teasers for ‘Coloring Book’

OH MY GIRL has graced us with dreamy teasers for their comeback with “Coloring Book!”

The dreamy setting and elegant costuming accentuate the beauty of the members, creating an overarching fantasy theme that’s both refreshing and appealing.

They have also revealed the official album tracklist, detailing all 5 tracks included in “Coloring Book.”

In addition to the album tracklist and concept images, OH MY GIRL has unveiled an MV teaser for their title song, which has an innocent and whimsical atmosphere.

The girls will be returning with their 4th mini album, “Coloring Book,” on April 3.

Check out the teaser below!

Girl’s Day Drops Long-Awaited Comeback Schedule

Guess what? Girl’s Day is finally coming back, and they’ve just unveiled their official comeback schedule!

They will be releasing their new album, “Girl’s Day Everyday #5” on March 27. They’ll start revealing teaser photos on the 20th, along with the MV teaser on March 24.

They have a mystery release on March 26, and there’s a possibility this could be either a highlight medley or pre-release track. What do you think it is?

The last Korean release they had was “Ring My Bell” in July 2015.

Are you excited for their comeback?


GFRIEND Makes Long-Awaited Comeback with Catchy ‘Fingertip’ MV

The talented ladies of GFRIEND are finally back, and they’re here to deliver yet another bop!

They’re back with “Fingertip,” a catchy and invigorating track with a choreography and musicality that’s bound to get you hooked. Not only is the MV creative, but also has stunning visuals, storyline, and amazing aesthetics.

“Fingertip” is the title song of the group’s newest album, their fourth mini album, “The Awakening.”

Check it out below! Do you like the song? What’s your favorite part of the MV?