WJSN is Magical in ‘Dreams Come True’ MV Teaser

WJSN has just revealed the MV teaser for their upcoming release, “Dreams Come True.”

“Dreams Come True” is the title song of their 4th mini album, “Dream Your Dream,” which has a magic theme.

They have additionally given fans a preview of what’s to come in their narrated “Secret Film.”

“Dream Your Dream” and the MV for “Dreams Come True” will be released on February 27 at 6PM KST.


WJSN Reveals First Teasers for ‘Dream Your Dream’

WJSN has revealed the first batch of teasers for their upcoming comeback with “Dream Your Dream.”

They have released two teaser images for one of their group units, which include Yeoreum, Eunseo, Yeonjung, and Dayoung. The girls are depicted holding books and wearing uniforms, and each of the photos has a border that hints at a magical or storybook concept.

In addition to the unit photos are the comeback schedule and comeback title poster.

This will be the group’s 4th mini album and is slated for an official release on February 27.

Red Velvet Releases Stunning Comeback Teasers

Red Velvet has unveiled stunning comeback teasers for their 2nd album, “Perfect Velvet.”

Fans have been raving over the teaser images they have shared on their social media accounts, which have a touch of eeriness and refinement.

Furthermore, in addition to these photos, Red Velvet has released a series of highlight clips. Their title song will be “Peek-a-boo,” which will have a different concept from their previous ones.

The ladies are returning on November 17 at 6PM KST.

Gugudan Reveals Adorable Comeback Teasers

Ahead of their comeback, Gugudan has unveiled a set of adorable concept inages!

The members are super cute in bright red outfits for their third act, “Chococo Factory.”

In addition to these teasers, they have released a detailed comeback schedule.

They’ll be dropping another round of photos tomorrow and will follow with a tracklist on October 28.

They’ll make an official comeback on November 8 at 6PM with their album and MV.

Gugudan to Release 1st Single Album, ‘Chococo Factory’

Gugudan is making a comeback with their third act and first single album, “Chococo Factory.”

They are joining many other groups in the jam-packed lineup for November comebacks with the album release slated for November 8 at 6PM.

The group recently released their second act, “Narcissus,” with title song “A Girl Like Me” and also debuted their very first subunit comprised of Mina and Hyeyeon, Gugudan OguOgu, with “Ice Chu.”

EXID Drops Comeback Teasers for ‘Full Moon’

EXID is joining the lineup for November comebacks and has revealed spoilers for their upcoming album!

They will be returning with their 4th mini album, “Full Moon,” which follows the release of their previous album, “Eclipse.”

Additionally, the group has revealed a title spoiler depicting wavelengths that resemble heartbeats.

Full Moon” will be released November 7 at 6PM KST. Stay tuned for more details!

ELRIS Drops Colorful Comeback Teasers

Girl group ELRIS has just unveiled a colorful and fun batch of comeback teasers!

Along with beautiful individual member photos, they have released a full tracklist detailing their comeback album. Their title song will be “Pow Pow,” and one of their tracks will feature labelmate Kim Sanggyun (A-Tom) from Topp Dogg.

The girls are releasing their 2nd mini album, “Color Crush,” on September 13.