WATCH BTS Perform at AMAs + Red Carpet Interviews

Tonight was a pretty big deal for the K-pop world. Worldwide sensation BTS made their presence known tonight at the American Music Awards with their performance of DNA, showcasing their talents on live television. In case you missed on this incredible milestone, we got you covered! Check out BTS‘ live performance of DNA, along with videos from the Red Carpet and interviews throughout the night.

BTS Performs DNA at the AMAs

Red Carpet + more


The fan chants were so loud, and you could tell that even celebrities were mesmerized by their performance.


BTS Becomes First K-Pop Group to Win A BBMA

On May 21st, BTS attended the Billboard Music Awards since being nominated for the Top Social Artist Award, competing against big name artists such as Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes.

After raking in more than 300 million votes,  BTS took home the Top Social Artist Award!

As BTS made their way to the stage, almost the whole place was standing up to applaud them. A fair number of fans had also made their appearance to support the group.

Not only did they take home the award, but they are now known to be the first K-pop group to ever win a BBMA. ARMYs and fans of K-pop are definitely ecstatic to see K-pop getting more recognition.

Check out their interviews on the Magenta Carpet before the BBMAs.

Watch GOT7 Perform “Never Ever” For The First Time Together

It’s been a worrisome two weeks for ahgases (IGOT7s) since GOT7‘s Jackson began his hiatus from comeback activities to recover and rest. It was revealed in a behind-the-scenes clip that the member had been dealing with stress and anemia, especially due to his hectic overseas schedules. After being instructed to rest, Jackson was to halt all comeback activities, missing the group’s first comeback stages. 

But here they are, almost 2 weeks later—the whole group finally performing their song “Never Ever” together on Show! Music Core. This is their first comeback stage together as the 7-member group.

GOT7 also performed their cute song “Q”, stirring up fans’ hearts with endearing smiles.

With Jackson back and ready to promote with GOT7, the group agrees that they feel complete once again.