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Check Out ASTRO In Their Performance Video for ‘Baby’

Looks like we were given another sweet treat by ASTRO! The members of ASTRO got together to treat us with a performance version for their cool song "Baby". The synchronization very much displays the exquisite side of the members, highlighting the keen moves matched by each other. Not only that---the song is a summer bop!

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ASTRO Opens for Business in “Baby” MV

ASTRO's D.Store is officially open for business with their comeback! The members invite you to the shop for their new track "Baby". Packed with their undeniably cute visuals, the music video is a colorful one with the different themed rooms suited for the members. Each member hung around in their own color, capturing their… Continue reading ASTRO Opens for Business in “Baby” MV

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ASTRO Drops ‘Dream Part.01’ Highlight Medley

It's time to start 'dreaming' because ASTRO released a highlight medley for their 4th mini-album Dream Part.01! The highlight medley gives a preview of the songs featured on the new mini-album, giving the fans a peek at what to expect for their new release. ASTRO will comeback on May 29 at 4 PM (KST) with their title track… Continue reading ASTRO Drops ‘Dream Part.01’ Highlight Medley

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ASTRO Releases Track List for Dream Part.01

After 'opening' their shop D.Store, ASTRO released the track list for their upcoming 4th mini album Dream Part.01. The new mini album will feature "Baby" as the title track, along with tracks including "Dreams Come True", "I'll Be There" and more! The music video teaser was also revealed earlier this week, beckoning the viewer to take a step into… Continue reading ASTRO Releases Track List for Dream Part.01

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ASTRO Drops Dreamy Comeback Teasers

ASTRO is coming back! After a string of seasonal releases ("Spring Up," "Summer Vibes," "Autumn Story," "Winter Dream"), the group is breaking away from the cycle and starting anew. They're back with a dreamy, refreshing concept for "Dream Part 01," the first segment of their series. This will be the group's 4th mini album and… Continue reading ASTRO Drops Dreamy Comeback Teasers