VIXX Reveals Choreography and Music Teasers for ‘Eau de VIXX’

VIXX has dropped brief sneak peeks into the choreography and music for their comeback with “Eau de VIXX.”

The group initially dropped a “hidden” music snippet, then followed up with a mute choreography spoiler.

The group is coming back on April 17 at 6PM KST with their 3rd full-length album, “Eau de VIXX,” which was revealed to have a title track titled “Scientist.” The album  has large been scent-themed, with a dark, mature, and alluring aesthetic.

Are you ready for their comeback?



VIXX Drops Teasers for ‘Eau de VIXX’

VIXX has released teasers for their 3rd full album, “Eau de VIXX.”

In addition to several sets of mature and intense concept photos, they have also released animated scent teasers and an official album tracklist. The title track of the album is called “Scientist,” and many of the songs are written or composed by the members.

They are making their long-awaited comeback on April 17 at 6PM.