MONSTA X Travels Back in Time in ‘Dramarama’

MONSTA X became a band of time travelers in their latest track, “Dramarama.”

In the MV, the members travel back in time through the power of a watch that rewinds them to a moment from their past.

This song is the title song of their newest mini album, “The Code,” and is an intense and powerful track that is coupled with an MV that looks ready to hit the theaters.


Monsta X Become Dramas Stars in New MV Teaser 

After their amazing teaser images, MonstaX just released a Dramathemed MV Teaser.

The teaser is filled with aesthetic, dramatic, and emotional scenes that leave the watcher wanting the whole thing.

This comeback promises a lot of excitement, and emotion. Go watch the teaser and show a lot of support for the group.

Monsta X teaser

MONSTA X’s Kihyun is Gorgeous in Latest Comeback Teaser

MONSTA X‘s Kihyun is gorgeous in the group’s latest comeback teasers!

He is the first of seven members to have their individual photos posted, leaving only six more to go.

Along with the reveal of his image is the wordDramarama.”

MONSTA X is coming back on November 7 with a new album and have recently wrapped up their MV filming.