MONSTA X’s Jooheon & Kihyun (2Chain) Team Up for ‘You and I’ Cover

MONSTA X‘s Jooheon and Kihyun (also referred to as 2Chain), have come together to deliver a special gift for their fans.

As a celebration for 600 days with Monbebe, their fans, they collaborated for a cover of Crush‘s “You & I,” showing sides of themselves never before seen.

During the passionate cover, we get to hear Jooheon sing and Kihyun do a short rap verse. It was also revealed that member I.M participated in the track as well!

MONSTA X has also recently celebrated their 2nd year since their debut on May 14. The group is also embarking on their first world tour, with stops in the U.S.

Check out the cover below! Which was the most memorable part of the video, and why?


SEVENTEEN Releases Special Choreography Videos

SEVENTEEN has dropped a special surprise for their beloved fans in the form of two choreography videos!

Both videos are refreshing covers of timeless K-pop classics, the first one being Shinhwa‘s “Wild Eyes” and the second being Super Junior‘s “Happiness.” (Songs that only get better as the years pass by!)

What do you think of the choreography videos? Do they bring back priceless memories of Shinhwa and Suju?

B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk Remakes “Easy”

B.A.P’s very own talented leader, Bang Yong Guk has dropped a remake of one of B.A.P’s songs, “Easy”! 

He has uploaded the new remake onto his SoundCloud account and renamed the song to “Drunkness”. With his deep, sexy, and husky voice, you can feel the emotions he has put into the song. Be sure to check out the amazing cover with lyrics below!


내 방 불이 켜지면 누군가

다시 외로운 나를 안아줄까
내가 끓이는 더럽게 맛없는 라면
이제 누가 같이 먹어줄까
말 없고 무뚝뚝한 아이
아니라며 날 감싸주는 TYPE
손이 차 내 두 손을 놓지 않던 밤
그립네 오늘은 답답해 내 마음이

가끔은 내 생각하면서 웃겠죠
서로가 쓰던 말들이 우린 너무나도 편했어서
나는 오늘도 침대에 파묻혀 숨겠죠
Eh-eh 네가 없는 밤이 내겐 너무나도 다 외로워서

매일 강한 척해대는 것도 지겨워
널 위해 만든 사랑 노래들 처럼
내 침대에 향기는 너 뿐이여서
그 흔적도 지우지 못했어 그게 안돼
오늘 밤엔 너에게 갈래
그냥 꿈에서

너를 잊을 거란 말은 너무 쉽죠
너를 잊으려는 내가 너무 밉죠
너를 잊을 거란 말은 너무 쉽죠
너를 잊으려는 내가 너무 미워요 너무나 BABE

내가 좋다는 많은 여자들에게 왜 나는
대체 널 비교하는지
아무리 빛이나도 교감이 안돼
감흥이 없어 사랑하든지 말든지
내가 피할 수 없는 건
사랑에 빠져버려 내 영혼을 잃어버린 채
조각난 시체가 되는 것
그럴 바에 난 차라리 외로운 길을 가지
아무도 날 기억 못하게 나를 더 지워가지
미안해 더는 못해
이게 네가 내게 했던 말
그래도 사랑해
이게 지금 가장 후회되는 말

매일 강한 척해대는 것도 지겨워
널 위해 만든 사랑 노래들 처럼
내 침대에 향기는 너 뿐이여서
그 흔적도 지우지 못했어 그게 안돼
오늘 밤엔 너에게 갈래
그냥 꿈에서

너를 잊을 거란 말은 너무 쉽죠
너를 잊으려는 내가 너무 밉죠
너를 잊을 거란 말은 너무 쉽죠
너를 잊으려는 내가 너무 미워요 너무나 BABE

가끔은 내 생각하면서 웃겠죠
서로가 쓰던 말들이 우린 너무나도 편했어서
나는 오늘도 침대에 파묻혀 숨겠죠
Eh-eh 네가 없는 밤이 내겐 너무나도 다 외로워서

Original Song by B.A.P


[Cover] The 10 Best Covers of Margarita Letitchevski

Hello to all our dear Sweeties~ Today I thought of doing a special article about the amazing Korean cover singer Margarita Letitchevski. I follow her on YouTube and I thought she deserved a lot of love for the hard work she does. Her covers are really amazing and if you don’t know her, you should 😉

About Margarita Letitchevski

Margarita, born on October 10th 1995, is Russian and Israeli. She moved to London, United Kingdom, a few years ago and therefore she speaks Russian and English. She also learned how to speak Spanish and Korean (which she’s really good at **). She owns a YouTube channel where she posts Korean, Russian and English covers, along with weekly Korean videos and vlogs.

Follow Margarita on her SNS


The 10 Best Covers of Margarita (not in order)

Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

In 2014, Margarita won the “눈,코,입(Eyes, Nose, Lips) Cover Project” organized by YG Entertainment and BIGBANG‘s Taeyang. She now features on BIGBANG‘s and Taeyang‘s official YouTube channel in the “눈,코,입(Eyes, Nose, Lips) Cover Project” playlist.


Mino Feat. Taeyang – “Fear”

One of my favorite covers ** Her rap is so good!!


BTS – “I Need U”


Wendy Feat. Yuk Ji Dam – “Return”


Taeyeon Feat. Verbal Jint – “I”


EXO – “Promise”


Tiger JK Feat. Jinsil – “Reset”


BIGBANG – “Haru Haru” (Acoustic Version)


Diplo – “Revolution” (2NE1’s CL style)


Team B – “Climax” (Live Cover)

This cover is simply amazing. It gave me chills and I almost cried 😦

You can see more covers made by Margarita on her official YouTube channel here. You should definitely check her out! What do you think of her so far? 🙂

[Cover] MONSTA X’s Kihyun & I.M- You’re Pretty The Way You Are

YAAAASSS! It’s finally here!!

On the 15th of April 2016 KST, Kihyun and I.M of the Starship‘s rookie group MONSTA X, covered Tako and J Hyung‘s “You’re Pretty The Way You Are“.

The two of them are really cute in this music video wandering around the streets. Check it out below:

What do you think of this cover?

[Cover] Monsta X to give special gift to Monbebe

A new gift from MONSTA X to Monbebe!!

On the 13th of April 2016 KST, rookie group MONSTA X posted on their official Twitter account the announcement for a new cover project for Monbebe. Main vocalist Kihyun and rapper I.M will be the ones covering a song to be released on the 15th of April 2016 KST.

This isn’t the first time MONSTA X has covered songs, especially Kihyun. He participated in the last cover the group released on their official YouTube channel. You can check out the covers of “BIGBANGBaeBae” and “ZicoI Am You, You Are Me” here if you haven’t already 😉

Are you ready for a new cover? Which song do you think the boys will cover?

INFINITE’s Hoya Wants to Give you “All of Me” With…

On a beautiful day, what’s better to end the day (or start your morning) with a beautiful cover from one of our favorite boys? ❤

INFINITE’s Hoya has released a beautiful cover of John Legend’s “All of Me”, accompanied by Yoo Seong Bum for his lovely fans.

Click the video to let Hoya serenade you with his soothing voice!