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WJSN Drops Comeback Schedule & ‘Happy’ Concept Photos

WJSN is gracing us with a full-length album for their upcoming comeback! The girls are returning with their 1st full album, "Happy Moment," and have revealed a detailed schedule for their releases. They will begin with "Happy" concept images from May 24 to May 28, followed by teaser films and an official release on June… Continue reading WJSN Drops Comeback Schedule & ‘Happy’ Concept Photos

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Euna Kim and WJSN’s EXY Heal Your Heart With “Love Therapy”

Searching for a song to heal your heart? Look no further! WJSN's EXY and Maroo Entertainment's Euna Kim collaborated together for their song "Love Therapy". Such a light and beautiful melody complements the girls with their skillful rapping and vocals. As the season nears summer time, this song definitely warms you up as well. This is Euna's first project since signing… Continue reading Euna Kim and WJSN’s EXY Heal Your Heart With “Love Therapy”

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WJSN Drops ‘I Wish’ Dance Practice

The official dance practice for "I Wish" is out! As per usual, the girls are synchronized not just with their cute outfits, but their choreography as well. WJSN recently released their newest album, "From.WJSN," with "I Wish" as the title song. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the official, mystical and aesthetically-pleasing… Continue reading WJSN Drops ‘I Wish’ Dance Practice

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WJSN Makes Comeback with ‘I Wish’

WJSN just released their comeback MV for "I Wish!" "I Wish" is the title song of "From.WJSN," the group's 3rd mini album. The MV is aesthetically pleasing, with a myriad of colors, a mystical pop theme, numerous, gorgeous sceneries, and a song that's sweet on the ears. The group is really paving their own unique,… Continue reading WJSN Makes Comeback with ‘I Wish’

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Sweet Sweet Kpop’s Favorite Debuts of 2016

With each year comes more debuts, with hopeful artists aiming to make a mark in the music industry. 2016 was jam-packed with memorable debuts and rookies demonstrating skills that set them apart from the rest. From groups like BLACKPINK to NCT 127, here is a compilation of some of our favorites! BLACKPINK BLACKPINK is one of… Continue reading Sweet Sweet Kpop’s Favorite Debuts of 2016

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WJSN Releases ‘I Wish’ MV Teaser

The official MV teaser for WJSN's comeback track is finally here! In the teaser, the beautiful members pull off a flawless mannequin challenge, which is broken only at the very end. The music, aesthetic, and overall atmosphere are reminiscent of their previous release, "Secret," like a continuation of the first part of their story. The… Continue reading WJSN Releases ‘I Wish’ MV Teaser

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WJSN Releases Comeback Secret Film

WJSN has unveiled a stunning, yet mysterious film for their comeback! The group is going for a soft, natural, schoolgirl look with this release, with a hint of mystery (and possibly fantasy) like their previous comeback with "Secret." The "secret film" depicts the members in various settings, however, it doesn't reveal any concrete details about… Continue reading WJSN Releases Comeback Secret Film

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WJSN Releases Gorgeous Comeback Concept Photos

WJSN is making a comeback in early 2017, giving fans a great gift for the start of the new year. Along with a comeback schedule and mysterious teaser images, they have also dropped the official individual member concept photos for members Exy, Eunseo, Soobin, Xuanyi, Chengxiao, Luda, and Dayoung! The members are dressed in school… Continue reading WJSN Releases Gorgeous Comeback Concept Photos

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WJSN Releases Eye Contact Dance Practice for ‘Secret’

WJSN makes our hearts flutter in the newest version of their "Secret" dance practice! As many other groups have done in the past, WJSN has released a special version of their dance practice: the eye contact version. The members are up-close and personal in this video, showing off their individual charms to the viewers. WJSN previously… Continue reading WJSN Releases Eye Contact Dance Practice for ‘Secret’

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WJSN Releases Dance Practice for ‘Secret’

WJSN has released the dance practice for "Secret," the title track of their latest album, "The Secret." In the video, all 13 members execute the choreography with coordination and precision. The interesting formations and dance moves compliment the song, which has a MV laced with magical themes. I.O.I's Yeonjung recently joined the lineup of the group,… Continue reading WJSN Releases Dance Practice for ‘Secret’