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VIXX Releases ‘The Closer’ Dance Practice Video

VIXX has released the dance practice video for "The Closer," the title track of their 3rd mini album, "Kratos." Dressed in black and white, the members go all out to the smooth choreography. "The Closer" was released with VIXX's 3-part series, "VIXX 2016 Conception." consisting of "Zelos," "Hades," and finally, "Kratos." A special album, "KER,"… Continue reading VIXX Releases ‘The Closer’ Dance Practice Video

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VIXX Releases ‘Milky Way’ MV

VIXX has released the MV for "Milky Way" and the conclusion to their year-long "VIXX 2016 Conception" project! The MV is bound to make you smile, with endearing interactions between the VIXX members and their beloved fans, also known as Starlight. "Milky Way" is part of their special album, "KER," which was released along with… Continue reading VIXX Releases ‘Milky Way’ MV

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VIXX Reveals ‘Milky Way’ MV Teaser

Just when you thought VIXX was done with their releases for 2016, they announced they'll be releasing a special album! The name of this album is "KER" and they'll even be releasing a MV to thank fans for supporting them. They just dropped the MV teaser for "Milky Way," which features many endearing interactions between… Continue reading VIXX Reveals ‘Milky Way’ MV Teaser

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VIXX Releases ‘The Closer’ MV

At last, the MV for "The Closer" has been released! VIXX slows it down with "The Closer" compared to their previous title tracks, "Fantasy" and "Dynamite," showing off their vocal skills in an emotional R&B track. Like the MV teaser suggested, the MV would be playing with time by featuring still shots of the members,… Continue reading VIXX Releases ‘The Closer’ MV

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VIXX Reveals Intense Teaser for ‘The Closer’

VIXX have unveiled the intense MV teaser for their upcoming title track, "The Closer." The teaser features interesting still-shots of all the members except for Ken and N, suggesting there will be some sort of time-freeze in the MV. We're also given a sneak peek into the song and the fast choreography! "The Closer" is… Continue reading VIXX Reveals Intense Teaser for ‘The Closer’

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VIXX Drops ‘Kratos’ Character Trailers

VIXX has unveiled the full set of character trailers for their upcoming comeback with "Kratos." Two trailers were uploaded each day, with each one featuring a different member. The first pair to be released was Hongbin and Ken,Leo and Ravi, and finally, Hyuk and N. Each one shows brief yet intense clips from their upcoming… Continue reading VIXX Drops ‘Kratos’ Character Trailers

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VIXX Releases ‘Kratos’ Highlight Medley

VIXX has released the album highlight for "Kratos!" The album will consist of 6 diverse-sounding tracks, with the title being "The Closer." Members Ravi and Leo participated in the album creation as well, bringing their production abilities into the music. The MV for "The Closer," along with the mini album, will be released on October 31st!… Continue reading VIXX Releases ‘Kratos’ Highlight Medley

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VIXX Drops Tracklist for ‘Kratos’

The tracklist for VIXX's upcoming album, "Kratos," has been released! The mini album will consist of six tracks: the title, "The Closer," "Desperate," "Shooting Star," "Good Night & Good Morning," "Romance is Over," and the instrumental of "The Closer." Members Ravi and Leo participated in the creation of the album, making this album more personalized. The… Continue reading VIXX Drops Tracklist for ‘Kratos’


VIXX Releases Dark ‘Kratos’ Concept Film

The concept idols, VIXX, have just released the concept film for their upcoming album, "Kratos." The concept film is dark and eerie, much like their previous teasers and films, featuring numerous black and white shots of the members. The chilling audio gives a mysterious and foreboding vibe, alluding to the overall dark concept. The video… Continue reading VIXX Releases Dark ‘Kratos’ Concept Film

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VIXX Reveals 2nd Batch of ‘Kratos’ Concept Photos

VIXX has unveiled their 2nd round of concept photos for "Kratos!" After announcing their comeback with the conclusion to their "Conception" trilogy, the group revealed a detailed comeback schedule, of which two rounds of concept photos were to be released on October 17th and 18th. The first batch of photos were released just yesterday, and… Continue reading VIXX Reveals 2nd Batch of ‘Kratos’ Concept Photos