VIXX LR Reveals Concept Photos for Ravi

VIXX LR has unveiled their second batch of concept photos for their upcoming album, “Whisper.”

This time, the photos star member Ravi, who rocks out in red and black outfits.

The duo, comprised of VIXX members Leo and Ravi, are coming back with their 2nd mini album, “Whisper,” on August 28 at 6PM.

VIXX LR Drops Concept Photos for Leo

VIXX LR has released their first batch of concept photos for member Leo, who appears mysterious and serious.

VIXX LR is a subunit of the group VIXX and is comprised of members Ravi and Leo, who balance one another out with their powerful rap and emotional vocals.

They are making their first comeback since their debut in 2015 with their new release, “Whisper,” which is scheduled to drop on August 28 at 6PM KST.

BTS Unveils Posters for ‘Love Yourself’ Series

After dropping Jungkook’s teaser poster, BTS has unveiled numerous other posters for the group’s upcoming series, “Love Yourself.”

The first batch is comprised of individual posters, whereas the second batch contains two members per poster, with Jin having a solo one.

BigHit Entertainment has clarifies that these posters are not for the group’s comeback, but for a series starring the members and revolving around their HYYH story. 

NCT Dream Reveals Colorful Batch of Comeback Teasers

NCT Dream has unveiled a batch of colorful concept photos for their upcoming mini album.

They are returning with a refreshing new concept for their upcoming release “We Young,” which will drop on August 17 at 6PM.

Golden Child Releases Additional Debut Teasers

Golden Child has revealed additional member teasers for their upcoming debut!

The next members up for teasers are Seungmin, Jaeseok, Tag, JoochanDaeyeol, Jangjun, and Jibeom, who look handsome and refreshing in both their solo teaser clips and images.

Golden Child is Woollim Entertainment‘s newest boy group and will debut on August 28.

PRISTIN Unveils Comeback Concept Photos for Rena & Xiyeon

PRISTIN has unveiled concept photos for the group’s upcoming comeback.

They have released individual teasers for Rena and Xiyeon, who look stunning in their “Ver. 02 OUT” and “Ver. 01 IN” pictures.

Their 2nd mini album will have two versions, the first one being “Ver. 01 IN” and the second one, “Ver. 02 OUT.”

The girls will be releasing their 2nd mini album on August 23 after making their debut in March.

SONAMOO Drops Teasers for ‘Friday Night’

SONAMOO has released teaser photos for their upcoming single, “Friday Night.”

Friday Night” is part of the group’s Happy Box project, which is a three-month project where they will drop one new song per month for their fans.

Friday Night” will be released on August 14.