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Kim Donghan Announces Return with 2nd Mini Album ‘D-NIGHT’

Kim Donghan will be making a comeback with his 2nd mini album, "D-NIGHT." In contrast to teasers for his debut album, "D-DAY," the teaser image for "D-NIGHT" features a much darker theme as well as a black and white color palette. The contrast in images highlights the delineation between the "day" and "night" of his… Continue reading Kim Donghan Announces Return with 2nd Mini Album ‘D-NIGHT’

Comebacks, K-Pop

MAMAMOO to Make Summer Comeback!

MAMAMOO is slated to have a comeback in late June! The group recently took to social media to share a mysterious teaser image that hinted at a new concept "never attempted before." They have also encouraged fans to sign up for official fanclub membership. The group previously released "Decalcomanie" last November as part of their… Continue reading MAMAMOO to Make Summer Comeback!

Comebacks, K-Pop

100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image

Yet another group is joining the February comeback rush. This time, it's talented boy group 100%! They will be returning to the stage with a new release titled "Sketchbook" on February 22, and their concept image accompanies this artistic theme. 100% recently came back with the powerful vocal track "Better Day" as part of their… Continue reading 100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image