MONSTA X Announces Comeback Plans

Fans of MONSTA X are in for a treat!

The boys announced they will be coming back very soon with the followup to their “The Clan” series!

Rumors state they will be releasing a full album in February to conclude their series, but no concrete details have yet been released.

The group most recently released their 4th mini album, “The Clan Part 2 Guilty” with title song “Fighter.”

They also currently star in their own reality program, “Monsta X-Ray.”

Rain Gives “The Best Present” in His New MV

Prepare youselves for what everyone has been waiting for… Rain is back and better than ever! His long awaited comeback after almost 3 years has been delivered with his new music video, “The Best Present“.


After much anticipation, the start of 2017 has been gifted the absolute best present from him! Produced by popular K-pop singer/songwriter PSY, this heartfelt ballad allowed Rain to express his feelings for his newly wed wife, Kim Tae Hee, whom he married recently on January 19. After being together for about 5 years, Rain tied the knot with the actress by having a private wedding for the lovely couple.

With his dancing as smooth as his words, the king of K-pop has impressed us again with his elegant comeback!

CLC Makes Fierce Comeback with ‘Hobgoblin’

The girls of CLC are back with a fierce, new image!

They deviated from their previous concepts with “Hobgoblin,” a powerful and addictive track with an equally fierce choreography and fashion style.

“Hobgoblin” is the title song of their newest album, “CRYSTYLE,” and was co-written by HyunA.

They definitely made a hit with this song!

What are your thoughts on this comeback?

Niel Makes Comeback with Emotional ‘Love Affair’ MV

Niel of Teen Top has made his solo comeback with the emotional “Love Affair” MV!

“Love Affair” is suited extremely well for Niel, with parts that really make his vocals shine and choreography that accentuates his impressive dance skills.

“Love Affair” is the title song of his new album of the same title.

Check it out below!

Kyung Releases MV Teaser for ‘When I’m With You’

The official MV teaser for Kyung‘s “When I’m With You” is finally out!

The teaser gives us a brief glimpse into the cute, romantic, and witty MV, which will feature Kyung himself, along with a female lead.

“When I’m With You” is just one of the two title tracks of Kyung‘s upcoming album, “Notebook,” and will feature Brother Su.

He’ll officially release his new album and MVs on January 18!

I.O.I to Release Song Before Disbandment

I.O.I will be releasing a song before their disbandment later this month!

If you’re an I.O.I fan, you’re not looking forward to January 31, the day the project group officially disbands and goes their separate ways.

The group was originally formed through the reality survival show, “Produce 101,” in which 11 trainees from various companies were chosen to join the group I.O.I.

Since then, the members have had many activities together and separate from the group, such as Sejeong and Mina with their group, Gugudan, Yeunjung with WJSN, and Chaeyeon with DIA.

However, the girls are giving us one last present before they say goodbye, so let’s make sure to give them all the support in their current and future careers!

Hello Venus Is ‘Mysterious’ in Comeback MV

The ladies of Hello Venus are finally back!

The music video is fun, colorful, and unique, with various themes and original sets. The song itself is catchy, refreshing, and definitely worth a listen!

This MV also features two male celebrities, one of them being labelmate, Astro‘s Eunwoo, and the other Seo Kang Joon!

“Mysterious” is the title song of Hello Venus‘s 6th mini album, “Mystery of Venus.”