BTS Releases Teasers for ‘Fake Love’

They kept silent until about a week ago, when the amazing concept pictures shocked our senses.

Now, they shocked us once again, but this time it’s with the long awaited teaser videos.

The theme on the first one is quite simple, with each member exchanging what seems like a common object for another completely random one. Until Jungkook receives a crystal box with a key inside; a door is lit behind him, and Jungook walks towards it in silence. The end of the teaser gives a glimpse into the song with one line from it.

The second one shows a close up of each member and we finally can see part of the choreography with Jungkook leading the dance.

We can’t wait for the whole video to be released, but in the mean time, watch the teaser videos and don’t forget to vote for BTS on twitter for the BBMAs.

Watch the first teaser here.

Watch the second teaser here.


BTS Drops Comeback Teaser ‘Serendipity’ Featuring Jimin

BTS always always has something new and innovative in their MVs; but this time they definitely managed to, not only surprise us, but make us captives of their music.

The new teaser for ‘Serendipity’ not only shows a video of Jimin being the sweet mochi is is, but also gives us a beautiful sneak peek of what the song will be.

The aesthetics, the music, the acting, and definitely the whole thing are a plethora of emotions for every A.R.M.Y.

You can go watch it on BigHit’s Official YouTube Channel


BTS (방탄소년단) Releases “LOVE YOURSELF” Highlight Reel ‘起’

As many ARMYs may know, BTS is gearing up for a comeback very soon! Many are anxious and excited to see what the boys have in store for them as they recently just completed their “2017  BTS Live Triology Episode III: The Wings Tour”  world tour back in July.

BTS has been keeping everyone on their toes for what their next comeback concept is going to be about! Just recently Big Hit also released the first teaser of  BTS- “LOVE YOURSELF- Highlight Reel- ‘起’!

Check out their first teaser down below & let us know what you think in the comments!

WJSN Releases Comeback Secret Film

WJSN has unveiled a stunning, yet mysterious film for their comeback!

The group is going for a soft, natural, schoolgirl look with this release, with a hint of mystery (and possibly fantasy) like their previous comeback with “Secret.”

The “secret film” depicts the members in various settings, however, it doesn’t reveal any concrete details about the storyline they will be following in their official MV.

They will return on January 4th, and more teasers will be out soon, so stay tuned!

B.A.P Releases ‘SkyDive’ MV Trailers

B.A.P has unveiled the official MV teaser and individual member teasers for “Skydive!”

The MV for “Skydive” will center around the thrilling mystery of locating the criminal, “X,” along with the action that enfolds throughout their struggles.

The teasers reflect that tension, with guns blazing, intense gazes, and dark imagery. It looks like B.A.P will be delivering yet another cinematic masterpiece!

“Skydive” is the title track of B.A.P‘s 2nd full-length album, “NOIR,” which will be released on November 7th.

IMFACT Releases Comeback Trailer

Boy group IMFACT is returning to the K-pop scene!

Their comeback trailer has been released, and just like they promised, they’re doing a complete 360 with their concept! It’s dark and intense, with the members leaving a scene of a wreckage.

They previously expressed plans on a comeback, stating they’d have a concept different from their debut with the fun and cute “Lollipop.”

IMFACT will be returning on November 11th with a completely new image!

Are you ready to see them explore a different concept?

VIXX Reveals Comeback Schedule for ‘Kratos’

VIXX is coming back with their 3rd and final installment of their “Conception” album series!

After previous releasing “Zelos” and “Hades,” VIXX is returning with “Kratos.” They have unveiled a comeback schedule with detailed releases listed on it.

A series of concept photos will be released on the 18th and 19th, and the MV will officially be released on October 31st, just in time for Halloween.


VIXX has also unveiled a video teaser for “Kratos,” which you can find on their official Twitter account!