Block B Drops Dance Practice for ‘Yesterday’

Block B has dropped the official dance practice for “Yesterday!”

The group released this special track just for their fans, as it is not an official comeback that they are promoting on stage.

Member Kyung recently held promotions for his first album, “Notebook,” featuring songs he created.

Check out the boys in their natural, fun environment below!

WJSN Drops ‘I Wish’ Dance Practice

The official dance practice for “I Wish” is out!

As per usual, the girls are synchronized not just with their cute outfits, but their choreography as well.

WJSN recently released their newest album, “From.WJSN,” with “I Wish” as the title song.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the official, mystical and aesthetically-pleasing MV for “I Wish.”

SEVENTEEN Releases Special Choreography Videos

SEVENTEEN has dropped a special surprise for their beloved fans in the form of two choreography videos!

Both videos are refreshing covers of timeless K-pop classics, the first one being Shinhwa‘s “Wild Eyes” and the second being Super Junior‘s “Happiness.” (Songs that only get better as the years pass by!)

What do you think of the choreography videos? Do they bring back priceless memories of Shinhwa and Suju?

SEVENTEEN Drops Choreography Video for ‘Highlight’

SEVENTEEN has dropped an impressive official choreography video for “Highlight!”

“Highlight” is one of the songs from SEVENTEEN‘s 3rd mini album, “Going Seventeen,” and is sung and performed by the Performance Unit, composed of members Hoshi, Dino, The8, and Jun.

Check it out below!

NU’EST Releases Choreography Video for ‘Look (A Starlight Night)’

NU’EST isn’t slowing down with special treats for fans and have revealed a choreography video for “Look (A Starlight Night)!”

“Look (A Starlight Night)” is one of the tracks from NU’EST‘s 5th mini album, “Canvas,” released in late August.

They previously gifted fans with the choreography video for “Love Paint (Every Afternoon),” the title song of “Canvas,” along with a surprise MV for Minhyun and JR‘s song, “Daybreak.”

Check out NU’EST‘s sweet moves below!

INFINITE Drops Synchronized Choreography MV for ‘The Eye’

The kings of synchronized dancing, INFINITE, have released the choreography MV for “The Eye!”

True to their reputation, they are extremely synchronized, and the choreography MV shows numerous angles of the dance that we’ve never seen before.

You can watch their choreography MV on V Live, as it has not yet been uploaded on YouTube.

INFINITE released their 6th mini album, “INFINITE ONLY,” in September and have since taken home numerous music show wins.

MONSTA X Releases Dance Practice for ‘Stuck’

True to their promise, Monsta X has released the dance practice of “Stuck.”

After releasing a special release schedule, Monsta X has gifted fans, also known as Monbebes, with stunning concept photos and an MV for “Stuck.”

The boys practice the intense choreography for “Stuck” in their practice room, showing off their impressive dance skills by executing the moves and footwork with precision.

Monsta X recently released their 3rd mini album, “The Clan Part.1 LOST,” of which “Stuck” is one of the tracks.

Learn the choreography for “Stuck” by watching this dance video!