BTS Releases Comeback MV For DNA

We don’t know how BTS does it, but they did it again!

BigHit released the long awaited music video for their comeback. DNA was chosen as the title song and the music video couldn’t be better. A fest of dance, colors, visuals and vocals take place that make a whole party out of a single box escenography.

Leaving old BTS behind, but keeping their escence at the same time, the boys start a new, fresh era of their great collection of concepts, and experimentation!

Go watch the music video On BigHit’s Official Channel and show these talented boys a lot of support.


BTS Reveals Ethereal Comeback Teasers

BTS has blessed us with a breathtaking set of comeback teasers, ranging from heart-stopping concept photos to exciting MV teasers.

True to their reputation, the group is the talk of the town due to their upcoming album, “HER,” which is stock-full with new music, including a collaboration track with The Chainsmokers. 

They have also released two MV teasers for title song “DNA,” which features beautiful individual shota of the members along with a sneak peek into the catchy tune of the song.

If you’re excited, don’t worry—the wait is over. “HER” will be released September 18, along with the MV for “DNA”!

Are you ready?

BTS Drops Comeback Teaser ‘Serendipity’ Featuring Jimin

BTS always always has something new and innovative in their MVs; but this time they definitely managed to, not only surprise us, but make us captives of their music.

The new teaser for ‘Serendipity’ not only shows a video of Jimin being the sweet mochi is is, but also gives us a beautiful sneak peek of what the song will be.

The aesthetics, the music, the acting, and definitely the whole thing are a plethora of emotions for every A.R.M.Y.

You can go watch it on BigHit’s Official YouTube Channel


BTS (방탄소년단) Releases #3 of “LOVE YOURSELF” Highlight Reel ‘轉’

Today marks the third day consecutive day of BTS releasing their third teaser!

This time, the teaser is more intense, showing many different deep scenes of each respective member. Scenes flash from Jin driving, (who seems to be recalling him memory bit by bit) to the other scenes where Suga is upset and drunk, V spraying graffiti, J-Hope practicing his dance with a female partner, Jimin practicing the same routine in the dark by himself, Rap Monster sitting on the bus by the girl, and Jungkook holding a small bouquet of flowers in the hospital and other scenes back and forth.

We won’t be spoiling more, though we may have spoiled a bit- BUT make sure to check out the teaser yourself and make sure to watch the entire teaser till the very end!

Things seem to be making sense, but at the same time, more questions are being asked,

What do you guys think?

BTS (방탄소년단) Releases #2 of “LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel” ‘承’

After releasing their first teaser on the 15th, it looks like the boys have released another teaser!

This time, the teaser seems to go in depth a little more, showing more of a back story with each member. Jin’s narration in the beginning has definitely captured the attention of ARMYs and by the end of the teaser, fans are left once again clueless as to what is going to happen next OR if there is an end to this. It looks like there is hope that BTS may finally reveal the last and final story?!

BTS (방탄소년단) Releases “LOVE YOURSELF” Highlight Reel ‘起’

As many ARMYs may know, BTS is gearing up for a comeback very soon! Many are anxious and excited to see what the boys have in store for them as they recently just completed their “2017  BTS Live Triology Episode III: The Wings Tour”  world tour back in July.

BTS has been keeping everyone on their toes for what their next comeback concept is going to be about! Just recently Big Hit also released the first teaser of  BTS- “LOVE YOURSELF- Highlight Reel- ‘起’!

Check out their first teaser down below & let us know what you think in the comments!

BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel ‘起承轉結’

It seems like the most recent teaser that BTS has released is a compilation of the three teasers that were previously released, making it into a full short story.

Though it's all three teasers put together, there are some parts that some may watch and recall a couple of scenes from previous music videos and teasers. We won't spoil this one this time, for it is something you should watch with your own eyes!