BTS Dominates MTV VMA Poll Against Other Famous Artists

BTS is absolutely dominating a recent poll regarding the MTV VMAs, leading with the highest votes against other famous artists.

The poll asked people who they would be most excited to see perform at the show, and BTS dominates with a large lead against other big names, such as Lady Gaga.


The group has been receiving a lot of attention from Western media lately and were guests on American news channels and other large media platforms.

They have also recently wrapped up the U.S. segment of their international concert tour, “The Wings Tour,” performing in completely sold-out venues.

The VMAs, or the Video Music Awards, is an annual event hosted by MTV. The awards show invites top-notch artists from the music industry for a night of performances and awards.

This year’s event will be held on August 27 in Los Angeles, CA.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary to The Ark!

On April 10, 2015, a group of 5 girls set out to make an impact in the K-pop industry—strong and fierce in everything they did, they easily impressed fans with their cool aura. From doing dance covers of EXO‘s “Call Me Baby” and BTS‘ “Boy in Luv” to covering popular songs, they gained attention for their unique image and made their way for debut. These girls consisted of Jeon Minju, Kim Euna (Yuna), Yujin, Lee Suji (Halla), and Jane. The strong hip-hop girl group made their mark that day with their debut song, “The Light”—this powerful girl group was known as The Ark.

To pay tribute to the victims of the Sewol Ferry incident, The Ark dedicated the music video for “The Light” with a similar storyline, showing a mother losing her daughter in a bus accident. The music video covered the significance of treasuring loved ones and not taking the cherished time for granted.

The Ark were one of a kind, pushing forth a strong hip-hop concept that’s rarely found amongst girl groups. Together they began their promotions with their debut single, performing often at the Han River for dance covers specially prepared by themselves. Some of these dance covers include EXO‘s “Call Me Baby” and “Overdose”, as well as BTS‘ “Boy in Luv”. So much attention was brought to their phenomenal covers that even BTS reacted to their “Boy in Luv” dance cover.

However, as time went on, one of their vocalists, Yujin, had to take time off to undergo treatment for vocal chord nodules. Eventually, the girl group was confirmed to be disbanded in 2016 by their former company, Music K Entertainment, after a long hiatus.

Even to this day, fans follow the members of The Ark in their pursuit of activities after the disbandment, giving support for the girls to continue their dreams. Recently, Jeon Minju participated in KPOPSTAR’s last season, making it to the final 10; Euna Kim participated in the third season of Unpretty Rapstar, gaining recognition for her profound rapping; Suji and Jane became a part of The Real Girls Project: The iDOLM@STER. Check out the playlist of some our favorite performances by the members.

When asked about a reunion for The Ark members, Euna and the girls expressed that they’d like for one to happen. Despite being busy in separate activities, the girls still find time to keep in contact with another.

For honoring the 2nd anniversary of The Ark‘s debut and their strong presence in the K-pop world, let’s hope for a reunion to happen soon!

BTS is Irresistibly Adorable in ‘Idol Arcade’

The boys of BTS are absolutely irresistible in recent clips from “Idol Arcade,” singing a “cute version” of “Spring Day” and showing their love for Pokemon plushies.

While members Jin, Suga, V, and Jungkook sing “Spring Day,” Jimin manages the camera, giving us hilarious and up-close shots of their playful antics.

In another “Idol Arcade” clip, they actually hit up the arcade, trying their luck at the claw machine.

idol arcade 1

Their fun, engaging personalities are bound to put a smile on your face!

BTS recently released “You Never Walk Alone,” a followup to their previous album, “Wings.” They’ve also dropped an MV for “Spring Day” and “Not Today,” both which different, yet equally appealing vibes.

You can watch BTS on “Idol Arcade” below. Which clip is your favorite?

“Spring Day” (Cute Version)

What If BTS Members Go To the Arcade?

Get Ready for ‘The Wings Tour’ with this BTS Playlist!

The Wings Tour” is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to get ready for the show! What better way to prepare yourself for it than with a playlist of some of their greatest songs?

Get ready for the amazing show with this set of songs, ranging from hits like “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” “Danger,” and “Run,” to tracks like “Look Here” and “Awake.”

The sold-out stops in the U.S. (Anaheim, Newark, and Chicago) are hosted by Powerhouse Live, who have recently also brought B1A4 for their “Four Nights in the U.S.” tour and are a leading organizer for Korean concerts in the United States.

Check out our playlist here.

  1. “Spring Day”
  2. “Not Today”
  3. “Blood, Sweat & Tears”
  4. “Awake”
  5. “Lie”
  6. “24/7=Heaven”
  7. “Danger”
  8. “Run”
  9. “Save Me”
  10. “Look Here”
  11. “Dope”
  12. “Fire”
  13. “BTS Cypher Pt. 3: Killer”
  14. “Butterfly”

Other Recommended Songs: “Blanket Kick,” “Outro: Propose,” “You Never Walk Alone,” “Let Me Know,” “Miss Right,” “I Like It,” “Crow Tit,” “Hold Me Tight,” “Stigma,” etc. (All their songs are great!)

(BTS Korean Discography: 2Cool 4Skool, O!RUL8,2?, Skool Luv Affair, Dark & Wild, HYYH Pt. 1, HYYH Pt. 2, Young Forever, Wings, You Never Walk Alone)

Which songs are you looking forward to seeing live?

BTS Drops Performance Version for ‘Not Today’

The wait is over, because BTS has just dropped the official performance version for “Not Today.”

The boys spoil fans with two different performance videos in one: the first has more close-ups, whereas the second version has a zoomed out view of the intense choreography.

“Not Today” is one of the songs in BTS‘s most recent release, “You Never Walk Alone,” which is a followup to their successful “WINGS” album.

BTS and the Best of their Music Videos

With only a month left before the BTS Wings Tour in USA, why not pump up our A.R.M.Y feels a little by remembering why we love them so much!

So here is a list of some of BTSBest Music Videos (in our opinion)

1. Not Today: We cannot start this list with any other video, the latest addition to the already EPIC line of songs the group has made. Amazing choreography mixed with great scenery, aesthetics and a powerful sound, makes everyone who watches it feel strong and dominating. 

2. Run: Although a little slower and softer beat dominates this song, the acting from the boys makes it an emotive thriller that will surely touch your heart and move you to tears. (personal experience)

3. Wings Short Films: Filled with dark and creepy references to the Book Demian, this compilation of short films will not only amaze you, but also drown you on a world of fantasy and feels. View them all in order on BigHit’s channel.
4. Blood, Sweat & Tears: A big mixture of elements, symbolism, good music, sexy dance steps, aesthetics, art references, and a Fallen angel Kim Taehyung will surround your head and take you deeper into the Wings world.

5. Save me: Sometimes less is more, and Save me is definitely living proof of that statement. In this MV we can see the boys dancing a cool choreography on a completely empty field, wearing the most simplest of clothes they found in their closet. Yet they emit a sweet and tragic essence that can get to anyone’s heart.

Although this is merely an opinion, we know  BTS has tons of amazing songs and music videos, and you can watch them all on BigHit’s Official channel on YouTube. The link will be down below.

And for those who got tickets for BTS Wings Tour in USA we wish you an enjoyable concert, wherever you are attending.

BigHit Official YouTube Channel

BTS Surpasses New Heights in Epic ‘Not Today’ MV

BTS always impresses with their releases, and the official MV for “Not Today” is no exception!

Opposed to the emotional “Spring Day,” “Not Today” takes an intense, epic turn, with hard-hitting choreography, invigorating beat, and dynamic aesthetic.

“Not Today” is one of the four new songs included in the followup album to “WINGS,” titled “You Never Walk Alone.

The group recently surpassed a milestone with “Spring Day” and continue to be influential figures in the international music industry.

Check out the intense MV below, and share your favorite moments with us!