BOYFRIEND Makes Comeback with ‘Star’

BOYFRIEND has made an official comeback with their 5th mini album, “Never End,” and have released the official MV for “Star.”

“Star” is an emotional and upbeat track, a refreshing turn from the group’s previous vigorous dance songs.

Never End” consists of 5 songs, “Star,” “Falling,” “Never End,” “Welcome to My,” and “Sorry,” all of which are soothing and pleasant on the ears.

Check out the MV below!


BOYFRIEND Unveils Tracklist & Group Photo for ‘Never End’

BOYFRIEND has revealed the official album tracklist and group concept photo for their comeback with “Never End.”

The mini album consists of 7 tracks, some of which were written by Kwangmin and Minwoo composed by MONSTA X’s Jooheon.

This will be the group’s 5th mini album and will be their first domestic comeback in over two years.

Never End” will be released on August 9. 

BOYFRIEND Releases Comeback Teaser for Jeongmin

BOYFRIEND has unveiled the next comeback concept photo for their upcoming mini album, “Never End.”


The member featured in this teaser image is vocalist Jeongmin, who follows after the first teaser for Donghyun.

The group is making their long-anticipated comeback on August 9.

Stay tuned for more updates!


BOYFRIEND Drops Comeback Teaser for Donghyun

BOYFRIEND has begun their string of comeback teaser releases and has revealed their first concept photo for member Donghyun!


The group is making their first domestic comeback in over 2 years with their 5th mini album, “Never Ever,” which will be released August 9.

They have previously uploaded a detailed release schedule.


BOYFRIEND Drops Long-Awaited Comeback Schedule

BOYFRIEND is finally making a return after over two years without a domestic comeback.

They will begin their scheduled releases with concept photos from July 27 to August 1, followed with a track list on August 2 and an MV teaser on August 4.

They are releasing their 5th mini album, “Never End,” on August 9, along with a new MV!


BOYFRIEND to Finally Make First Comeback in 2 Years

BOYFRIEND is finally making their long-awaited comeback for the first time in 2 years!

Starship Entertainment reported that following their 6th year anniversary, BOYFRIEND will be returning with new music to show their fans.

Although they have not made an official comeback in a long time, they have been very active in Japan and previously released a special song dedicated to their fans, Best Friends.

No official comeback schedule has bene released, but we can anticipate to see the boys with a new look and style this summer. Can’t wait!


15 Creepy Kpop MVs You Need to Watch on Halloween

Happy Halloween!!

Hello sweeties! Guess what today is?! It’s Halloween!! Yeeeeah! Halloween is all about creepy and spooky things, so we’ve got a special treat for you.

Our Sweet Sweet Kpop team has put together a special article of the 15 music video we found are the most creepy and spooky; perfect for a day like today. Make sure to grab some snacks, turn off the lights and enjoy these amazing yet dark Halloween-themed music videos!

Check out Sweet Sweet Kpop’s 15 favorite Halloween themed MVs (not in any order):


2. SHINee – Married to the Music

3. BIGFLO – Obliviate

4. BLOCK B – Jackpot

5. BIGBANG – Monster

6. VIXX – Error

7. Boyfriend – Witch

8. Boys Republic – Get Down

9. VIXX – Hyde

10. VIXX – Voodoo Doll

11. INFINITE – Bad

12. Song Ji Eun – Bobby Doll

13. BTOB – Thriller

14. Brown Eyed Girls – Sign

15. Xia – Tarantellegra

Which Halloween themed music video is your favorite? Let us know!