BoA Still Reigns With 1 Shot, 2 Shot

We rarely see anything from BoA, but when she comes back, she makes sure we have something memorable; And this comeback definitely is!

BoA keeps being the elegant, fresh dancer that breathes talent through her pores, and has shown us many times why she is considered the Queenof Kpop by many.

This video has powerful choreography where she is the focus, a catchy song, and her beautiful smile lighting the screen!

Go check out the video for yourself here.


BoA Finally Returns

Finally, after a long time, BoA just came back to remind everyone why she is called The Queen Of KPop

In her new MV CAMO, we get a plethora of colors, aesthetics, vocals, and of course, BoA‘s amazing talent for dancing. 

We are excited, and happy to see someone as talented as her coming back with such a fitting song. Now we have to show her a lot of support by watching the MV on SMTOWNs official channel. 

BoA Is Sleek in ‘CAMO’ MV Teaser

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to welcome back the queen of K-popBoA! The hit SM Entertainment artist will be making a comeback with “CAMO”, with her sleek style and chic aura.


Some of her hit songs include “Only One“, “Disturbance“, “No Matter What” and more.

[MV] Beenzino and BoA Release “No Matter What” for SM Station!

Yeah finally! The awesome next collaboration for SM Station is out!

After 1LLIONAIRE‘s trendy rapper Beenzino and legendary soloist BoA were revealed as the collaborators for SM Station‘s next track, “No Matter What“,  SM Sntertainment finally dropped the music video for the song on the 17th of June (KST)!

The video is comic-like, showcasing a girl and boy meeting in space. The song was written by BoA and personally, I love it!! It almost sounds like an anime opening ahah! The tune has an electronic and upbeat melody, making it super catchy and nice to listen to. It seems like EDM music is working well these days. Especially at SM Entertainment ;). As you click below and listen to the song, you have been warned to be ready for Beenzino to spit straight fire!

Check out the music video below:

Alongside the music video, SME revealed that the next track for “SM Station” will be out on the 24th of June 2016 KST! Stay tuned for more updates about it!

In the mean time, what do you think of the song and MV?

[SM Station] Beenzino and BoA Up Next!

Oh my!! I’m really starting to love SM Station!!! So many good collaborations are coming out!

The last one on the list was “Heartbreak Hotel” from SNSD’s Tiffany and AOMG’s Simon D, well, it was announced yesterday that the next artists to collaborate for SM Station would be modern rapper 1LLIONAIRE‘s Beenzino and legendary solo artist BoA! Double B! Isn’t that amazing? Artists we would have never imagined working together are finally doing it!

Beenzino and BoA will be releasing the single and music video for “No Matter What” on the 17th of June 2016 at 00AM KST. The song has been written by BoA and talks about a couple promising to stay together even through the hard times.

Check out the teaser picture that was released along the information below:


Are you excited for the ‘Double B’ comeback? Stay tuned for upcoming updates!