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MXM Reveals MV Teaser for ‘Diamond Girl’

MXM has revealed their MV teaser for "Diamond Girl," the title song for their 2nd mini album, "Match Up." The teaser gives us a brief preview of "Diamond Girl", which is an upbeat and funky song with a video with a nice aesthetic. Their album and MV are slated for a release for January 10. Check… Continue reading MXM Reveals MV Teaser for ‘Diamond Girl’

Comebacks, K-Pop

MXM Releases Additional Concept Photos for ‘Match Up’

MXM has revealed additional concept photos for their comeback with "Match Up." Donghyun is rocking a light blue hair color while Youngmin does the same with light brown hair. They have also posted their album tracklist. The album will consist of 6 tracks and the title song is "Diamond Girl." The two boys are coming… Continue reading MXM Releases Additional Concept Photos for ‘Match Up’

Comebacks, K-Pop

MXM Releases Comeback ‘Countdown Plan’

The boys of Brand New Music, also known as MXM, are coming back with their 2nd mini album. They have revealed a "Countdown Plan" for their comeback with "Match Up," which is slated for the 10th of January. Beginning on December 28, MXM will drop releases according to the countdown plan, starting with the album… Continue reading MXM Releases Comeback ‘Countdown Plan’