BTS Member J-Hope Drops Mixtape Release Date

ARMYs, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! J-Hope has confirmed information about his long-awaited mixtape, which will be released early next month on March 2.

Dubbed by fans as “Hixtape,” J-Hope‘s mixtape has been the talk of fans for ages, as everyone has been excited for it to come out.

Now that we finally have a release date, all we need to do now is wait.


WATCH BTS Perform at AMAs + Red Carpet Interviews

Tonight was a pretty big deal for the K-pop world. Worldwide sensation BTS made their presence known tonight at the American Music Awards with their performance of DNA, showcasing their talents on live television. In case you missed on this incredible milestone, we got you covered! Check out BTS‘ live performance of DNA, along with videos from the Red Carpet and interviews throughout the night.

BTS Performs DNA at the AMAs

Red Carpet + more


The fan chants were so loud, and you could tell that even celebrities were mesmerized by their performance.

BTS Drops Comeback Teaser ‘Serendipity’ Featuring Jimin

BTS always always has something new and innovative in their MVs; but this time they definitely managed to, not only surprise us, but make us captives of their music.

The new teaser for ‘Serendipity’ not only shows a video of Jimin being the sweet mochi is is, but also gives us a beautiful sneak peek of what the song will be.

The aesthetics, the music, the acting, and definitely the whole thing are a plethora of emotions for every A.R.M.Y.

You can go watch it on BigHit’s Official YouTube Channel


149 Artists Gather to Create a BTS Coloring Book

Many fans’ dreams may have just came true—a free coloring book composed solely of BTS members has been created! With a total of 149 artists, these fans gathered together to create a series of beautiful line art of the members, dedicated as a gift to the fandom and BTS.


Consisting of 342 pages, fans are able to enjoy each artist’s interpretation of the members while coloring to their heart’s content. Following each artwork is an “About the Artist” page, giving an insight of the artist that created the piece.

Rules about the coloring book have also been implemented, which can be found on Page 4.

The coloring book is free, and can be downloaded here.

In addition, fans can also participate in showing their appreciation by posting their colored pages on social media and tagging the artist.

18268494_661663864035177_2839477182154856045_n (1)

The writers of Sweet Sweet Kpop are definitely excited and can’t wait to enjoy this!

BTS Dominates BBMA Votes Only Hours After Voting Begins

It’s only been a few hours since voting officially began for the Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), but BTS is already dominating the votes–and by an absolute landslide.

BTS are going head-to-head against Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Shawn Mendes for title of Top Social Artist.

Bands of fans, some who call themselves ARMYs and some who don’t, have united to push BTS further into the international spotlight.

Within hours, BTS has obtained millions of votes, setting them far ahead of their competitors, who trail millions of votes behind.

BTS is the first K-pop act to be nominated for an award for the BBMAs, so this is a significant accomplishment for all fans of Korean music.

Many fans of Western artists, along with fans of BTS‘ competitors for the title of Top Social Artist, have also taken interest in BTS after seeing how dedicated and large their following is.

Will BTS claim the title as Top Social Artist? The possibility is quite high, but we’re curious about what you all think. What are your sentiments about BTS‘ increasing international presence?

If you’d like to vote for BTS, please visit Billboard‘s official website! There are options to vote through Facebook or Twitter.

BTS is Irresistibly Adorable in ‘Idol Arcade’

The boys of BTS are absolutely irresistible in recent clips from “Idol Arcade,” singing a “cute version” of “Spring Day” and showing their love for Pokemon plushies.

While members Jin, Suga, V, and Jungkook sing “Spring Day,” Jimin manages the camera, giving us hilarious and up-close shots of their playful antics.

In another “Idol Arcade” clip, they actually hit up the arcade, trying their luck at the claw machine.

idol arcade 1

Their fun, engaging personalities are bound to put a smile on your face!

BTS recently released “You Never Walk Alone,” a followup to their previous album, “Wings.” They’ve also dropped an MV for “Spring Day” and “Not Today,” both which different, yet equally appealing vibes.

You can watch BTS on “Idol Arcade” below. Which clip is your favorite?

“Spring Day” (Cute Version)

What If BTS Members Go To the Arcade?

BTS Surpasses New Heights in Epic ‘Not Today’ MV

BTS always impresses with their releases, and the official MV for “Not Today” is no exception!

Opposed to the emotional “Spring Day,” “Not Today” takes an intense, epic turn, with hard-hitting choreography, invigorating beat, and dynamic aesthetic.

“Not Today” is one of the four new songs included in the followup album to “WINGS,” titled “You Never Walk Alone.

The group recently surpassed a milestone with “Spring Day” and continue to be influential figures in the international music industry.

Check out the intense MV below, and share your favorite moments with us!