Kyuhyun Releases MVs for ‘Still’ & ‘Blah Blah’

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun has made a comeback with not one, but two MVs!

The first song is “Blah Blah” and the second is “Still,” both emotional ballads suited for the autumn season.

Kyuhyun is back with his 3rd mini album, “Waiting, Still,” with songs produced by Yoon Jong Shin and Sung Si Kyung.

He also released “At Gwanghwamun” in 2014 and “Fall, Once Again” in 2015.


Lucia Drops Her 3rd Full Album!!!


Indie ballad singer Lucia (a.k.a Shim Gyu Sun) is out with her third full album!!

Born on July 16th, 1986, Lucia is an indie ballad singer who debuted back in 2010 under pastelmusic. A year before her official debut she participated in the musical “The Magicians”.

This time she’s back with “Light and Shade Chapter 2” which is the second part to her previous album “Light and Shade Chapter 1” which was released back in 2014. You can check out the teaser and album track list below!

Below is the track list:

1.Your Laugh
2. Sick
3. For Your Sake
4. Learn
5. That Song
6. Moon and Six Pence
7. Lonely
8. Song of Grey
9. Similar Person
10. Now Sadness Won’t Affect Us
11. Relationship
12. River
13. For Your Sake (Radio edit) album only


If you don’t know who Lucia is, you’re missing out! With her captivating vocals which will make you feel like you’re rejuvenated is definitely worth checking out!