B1A4 Makes Comeback with ‘Rollin’

B1A4 has made a comeback with their newest mini album, “Rollin’,” along with the corresponding MV for their title track of the same name.

The group has delivered a smooth, feel-good song with a catchy chorus and instrumental that is both reminiscent of their previous releases and refreshing.

Check the MV out below! What do you think of the song? Did it meet your expectations?


B1A4 Releases Comeback Album Highlight Medley & Teaser Photos

B1A4 has unveiled the official highlight medley for their comeback album, “Rollin’.”

The album will consist of 6 self-composed tracks, ranging from the title song “Rollin'” to the mellow track, “Like a Child.”

In addition to the highlight medley are teaser photos, in which the members show off refreshing new looks and hairstyles.

The group is releasing their new album on September 25.

B1A4 Reveals Comeback Schedule for ‘Rollin’

The lovely boys of B1A4 are making a comeback in just a few weeks with a brand new album!

They are releasing “Rollin’” on September 18 and starting on the 18th will reveal teaser images, an album tracklist, a highlight medley, and an MV teaser leading to the official album drop.

B1A4 to Make Comeback Later This Month

B1A4 is slated to make their comeback later this month!

The group is reportedly preparing for the release of a new mini album and is filming their MV in Australia.

The album will consist of more self-produced tracks, as the group’s previous albums were.

Their most recent release as a group was their full-length album, “Good Timing,” with emotional dance song, “Lie.”

Are you excited to see what new music they come up with? Stay tuned for more updates!

Sandeul and Yu Seungwoo to Collaborate for ‘Oppa’

B1A4‘s Sandeul and Starship Entertainment‘s Yu Seungwoo will be collaborating for a track called “Oppa.”

This is the first time these two talented vocalists are coming together for a song, so it’s bound to be a soothing track!

“Oppa” will be released on July 6.

Get Pumped for B1A4’s U.S. Tour

As many of us know, B1A4 is coming to the U.S. to meet their North American fans. Whether you are just getting into this group, or you simply want to get in the mood for the big day, these are a few songs you can add to your playlist for the next two weeks and beyond.

1. Beautiful Target – This song has a fun beat that you just can’t help but dance along to.

2. Lonely – If you are more into the sad, long-lost-love kind of ballads, this is the track for you.  

3. Tried To Walk – Although it is a sad track, the beat can make you enjoy a good dance.

4. O.K – With a rock style, this song will have you waiting for a confession, or expecting to confess yourself.

5. What’s Happening – With a perfect mixture of musical styles, this song explains the feelings that take over somebody’s heart whose significant other is cheating on them.

Although these are just 5 of B1A4’s amazing songs, there will definitely be more that you can jam to during their concerts! Enjoy yourselves BANA, and make lots of good memories.

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, there’s still some available!


‘B1A4 Four Nights in the U.S.’ Official Concert Tour Merch Revealed

The official concert tour merchandise for “B1A4 Four Nights in the U.S.” has been revealed!

There will be autographed albums and official lightsticks, along with the chance for a photo op! Merch will be picked up at the venue on the day of the show.


The tour is hosted by Powerhouse Live, who is also organizing BTS‘s “Wings” U.S. Tour and the upcoming “King of Masked Singer” concerts in Newark and Los Angeles.

If you haven’t already, please also check out Sweet Sweet Kpop‘s B1A4 merch if you’re looking for cute outfits and accessories for the show!