GOT7 Solo Activities Underway: JJ Project Comeback, Jackson’s Solo Album + More

As we come to the middle of the year, we received various good news about the members of GOT7. JYP Entertainment announced that in the following months, members of GOT7 will be focusing on individual activities, something different for the tight-knit group. 

GOT7‘s legendary duo JJ Project will be having a comeback after 5 years! JJ Project consists of members JB and Jinyoung; the 2 members initially debuted as JJ Project back in 2012 with their song “Bounce”. Two years later, both members debuted as a part of the 7-member boy group GOT7.

In addition to the unit’s comeback, there is another debut lined up—Jackson WangJYPE officials announced that Jackson will soon drop a solo album, as he is very popular with his activities in China. Officials confirmed that he already has a dedicated staff Team Wang in China that will aid in releasing his solo album and pursuing solo activities.

Of course we couldn’t possibly forget about GOT7‘s Jinyoung! Jinyoung, also known as “Actor Park”, will also be starring in the upcoming web drama School of Magic, which is set to air during the second half of the year. Other GOT7 members will also be presented with acting opportunities in dramas and movies as well during the year.

What a lot of exciting news! It looks like the year of 2017 is ready to burst with more GOT7—until then, we’ll keep you updated!

NCT 127 Reveals Group Photos for ‘Cherry Bomb’

NCT 127 has unveiled a set of group photos for their comeback!

They are returning with their third mini album, “Cherry Bomb,” on June 14 at 6PM KST and will hold a comeback showcase on the same day.

They will also be performing at the upcoming KCON 2017 NY and were just recently announced for KCON 2017 LA‘s lineup.

G-Dragon Releases 2nd Mini Album “Kwon Ji Yong” + MV for “Untitled, 2014”

Our favorite leader is back!

On the 8th of June 2017, YG Entertainment released BIGBANG‘s leader, G-Dragon‘s, 2nd solo mini album as well as the music video for one of its tracks. This is GD‘s first solo comeback since his hit album “Coup D’État” released in 2013.

As stated in previous articles, GD‘s new album, entitled “Kwon Ji Yong“, is really different from the previous ones as it tells the artist’s life in depth and is more personal. The album is composed of five tracks that were all written and composed by G-Dragon‘s himself. According to the agency, a total of three music videos will be released. As of now, you can check out the full tracklist below:

“Kwon Ji Yong” – Tracklist:

  1. Intro: Middle Fingers-Up
  2. Act I: Bullshit
  3. Act II: Super Star
  4. Act III: Untitled, 2014 (Title)
  5. Outro: Divina Commedia

On the same day, the company released the music video for “Untitled, 2014“, one of three music videos to be released. The MV is super artistic, showing close ups of GD accompanied by a background with moving clouds and changing colors. It’s super aesthetic and as always, GD looks super good. As for the song, it’s different from what we’re used to, it’s more sentimental and calm. Amazing as expected!

Check out the music video below:

What do you think of G-Dragon’s comeback? Which song is your favorite?

YG Entertainment Announces G-Dragon’s Comeback

Guess which favorite leader is coming back?

On the 1st of June 2017, YG Entertainment released on their official social media accounts, a teaser picture announcing the solo comeback of the one of a kind leader, G-Dragon. This will be G-Dragon‘s first solo comeback in almost 4 years since he released the album “Coup D’Etat” back in 2013.

According to the teaser picture, G-Dragon will comeback on the 8th of June 2017 KST, with the solo album entitled “Kwon Ji Yong“. For fans who do not know, Kwon Ji Yong is GD’s birth name. The album promises to be more personal and in depth view on the artist’s life.

You can check out the saturated teaser picture below:

Moreover, YGE‘s CEO Yang Hyun Suk released on his Instagram account a screenshot of what is according to the caption, GD’s 3rd MV and a slow song. We can then assume that there will be at least three music videos released for this long awaited comeback!

Check out the Instagram post below:

Also, as a reminder, G-Dragon will be kicking off his third solo world tour “Act III, M.O.T.T.E” on June 10 with a concert in Seoul. He will also come to America in July and perform in multiple cities including cities in the United States and Canada. You can check out more information here.

B.A.P’s Daehyun and Jongup Are Stunning in Project Album Teasers

In case you missed it, B.A.P members Daehyun and Jongup will be collaborating for a project album!

TS Entertainment has now revealed that album title to be “Party Baby,” similar to the name of their 2017 concert tour.

The two are absolutely stunning in new concept images, with a refreshing and mature look.

The album will consist of solos, with Daehyun‘s solo featuring fellow B.A.P member Zelo.

Are you looking forward to the album?  

What’s in TEEN TOP’s HIGH FIVE album?

In preparation for TEEN TOP‘s upcoming comeback with “Love is”, the album user guide has been released to give an idea of what’s a part of the album package. Take a look at what’s included in the album!

TEEN TOP‘s new album HIGH FIVE will be offered in 2 versions; this includes the CD, a photobook, a photo card, and a poster. The Onstage ver. will have a hard cover for the album, unlike the Offstage ver. On the other hand, the Offstage ver. will have a photobook with 92 pages, while the Onstage ver. will have a photobook with 80 pages.



TEEN TOP will make their comeback on April 10th with their title track, “Love is (재밌어?)”. Do you know which version you’re getting?

CNBLUE Releases ‘7°CN’ Album Highlight Medley

CNBLUE has just given us a sneak peek into their comeback album, “7°CN!”

In this 57-second preview, we get a brief glimpse into each of the album’s 6 tracks, from refreshing title song “Between Us” to “Royal Rumble.”

The overall refreshing and soothing theme of the album fits their light concept images on the beach and are a perfect start to the spring season.

CNBLUE is officially coming back with “7°CN” on March 20.

Check out the highlight medley below!