What’s in TEEN TOP’s HIGH FIVE album?

In preparation for TEEN TOP‘s upcoming comeback with “Love is”, the album user guide has been released to give an idea of what’s a part of the album package. Take a look at what’s included in the album!

TEEN TOP‘s new album HIGH FIVE will be offered in 2 versions; this includes the CD, a photobook, a photo card, and a poster. The Onstage ver. will have a hard cover for the album, unlike the Offstage ver. On the other hand, the Offstage ver. will have a photobook with 92 pages, while the Onstage ver. will have a photobook with 80 pages.



TEEN TOP will make their comeback on April 10th with their title track, “Love is (재밌어?)”. Do you know which version you’re getting?

CNBLUE Releases ‘7°CN’ Album Highlight Medley

CNBLUE has just given us a sneak peek into their comeback album, “7°CN!”

In this 57-second preview, we get a brief glimpse into each of the album’s 6 tracks, from refreshing title song “Between Us” to “Royal Rumble.”

The overall refreshing and soothing theme of the album fits their light concept images on the beach and are a perfect start to the spring season.

CNBLUE is officially coming back with “7°CN” on March 20.

Check out the highlight medley below!

What’s in GOT7’s Flight Log: Arrival Album? 

JYPE followed up on the individual members’ teasers from the past couple days by releasing the album user guide for GOT7‘s Flight Log: Arrival album! Focused on a more earthy theme for this comeback compared to their previous albums, it deviates from the wind element in Departure and the water element in Turbulence.

The Flight Log: Arrival album will be available in two versions, the Never version and the Ever version. The complete package is expected to be the thickest album yet from the group.

Flight Log: Arrival albums sales for pre-order have already surpassed +38,000 albums from just Chinese IGOT7’s alone, and expect to continue rising. The album will be released on March 13th.

Pre-order the album through KPOPTOWN, KPOPMART, Synnara, or YES24.

ASTRO Releases Teasers for Special Album ‘Winter Dream’

The lovely boys of ASTRO are gearing up for a winter comeback!

True to their pattern of seasonal releases (“Spring Up,” “Summer Vibes,” and “Autumn Story“), the group is dropping a special winter album very soon.

The members have a soft and refreshing look suited for the winter season, along with a corresponding album cover.

“Winter Dream” will be released on February 22 at 12AM KST.

You ready, Arohas?

BTS Unveils Tracklist for ‘You Never Walk Alone’

BTS has unveiled the official tracklist for their upcoming release, “You Never Walk Alone.”

The album consists of songs included in their “WINGS” album, along with a new addition of “You Never Walk Alone,” which will be 2 minutes and 36 seconds long.

The group previously released a stunning set of teaser images for the much-anticipated album.

BTS is also embarking on their world tour, “BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour” in countries across the world, including the United States.

Kyung Releases MV Teaser for ‘When I’m With You’

The official MV teaser for Kyung‘s “When I’m With You” is finally out!

The teaser gives us a brief glimpse into the cute, romantic, and witty MV, which will feature Kyung himself, along with a female lead.

“When I’m With You” is just one of the two title tracks of Kyung‘s upcoming album, “Notebook,” and will feature Brother Su.

He’ll officially release his new album and MVs on January 18!

Sweet Sweet Kpop’s Best Albums of 2016

2016 has been full of albums that had us bopping to them on replay! From ballad tunes to beast beats, these albums have made it to our favorites; they have captured our hearts. Take a listen to some of our favorite albums from the year!

  • “Good Timing” – B1A4
  • “NOIR” – B.A.P
  • “The Clan Part. 2 Guilty” – MONSTA X
  • “Fire Truck” – NCT 127
  • “130 Mood : TRBL” – DEAN
  • “Young Forever” – BTS
  • “Flight Log: Departure” – GOT7
  • “A New Empire” – Ailee
  • “Everything You Wanted” – Jay Park
  • “Act.7” – 4Minute
  • “Seoulite” – Lee Hi
  • “Street” – EXID

Was your favorite album on the list? Let us know!