HIGHLIGHT Celebrates Their 8th Anniversary With New MV 

A few days ago, Highlight released a fun teaser for their new anniversary mini album. 

Yesterday, the group officially released the full MV for the title song “Can be better” with a funny and eclectic vibe. It ends up giving you a hopeful feeling that no matter what is going on, your attitude will make things better in the end.

Along with a catchy song and great acting from the members, it is an amazing experience overall.

If you wanna have fun, go watch the MV here.


Highlight Releases Teaser For 2nd Mini Album

Tons and tons of groups have been working non-stop these year, and HIGHLIGHT is no exception.

The five-member group released a funny teaser for their 2nd mini album “Celebrate” in honor for their 8th anniversary since their debut.

Here, we find the members being adorably clumsy while running. Check out the teaser here.

A Pink’s Jeong Eunji Releases Tracklist and Teaser Pictures for Upcoming 2nd Mini Album “Space”

Are you ready for the comeback of one of Korea’s best female’s voice?

On the 3rd and 4th of April 2017, A Pink released on their official social media accounts, the tracklist and the first batch of teaser pictures for Jeong Eunji‘s upcoming second mini album. According to the teasers, Eunji will make her solo comeback on the 10th of April 2017, a year after her solo debut with the mini album “Dream“.

The mini album entitled “Space” (literal translation) will be composed of five tracks including the title track and its instrumental. Two out of the four songs were written by Eunji and as usual, there will be fearuring, this time with artist Hareem and Kwak Jin Eon.

Check out the tracklist teaser below:

The first batch of teaser pictures showcase beautiful close ups and full body pictures of Eunji enjoying Spring and the smell of flowers~

Make sure to check out the pictures below:





Are you excited for Eunji‘s comeback? Stay tuned for more updates and teasers!

KNK Releases MV Teaser for Upcoming Title Track “U”

KNK has released the first MV teaser for their upcoming comeback!

On the 15th of November 2016 KST, KNK released on their official YouTube channel, the first music video teaser for their upcoming title track “U“. I hope you’re all ready because the boys will drop their 2nd mini album “Remain” tomorrow, 17th of November at 00AM KST along with the music video for the title track. This will be their second comeback after they released their 1st full album in July 2016.

The MV teaser is really short, only 12 seconds, but in that time we get to see quick, dramatic cuts of the members dressed in all black, as well as a sneak peek of the song which sounds A-MA-ZING!!

Check out the MV teaser below:

Are you excited for KNK’s upcoming comeback? Stay tuned for the full release!

KNK Releases Individul Pictures, Tracklist and Album Preview for “Remain”

KNK have released new teasers for their upcoming comeback!

For the past few days, KNK have released on their official SNS accounts, multiple teasers such as individual pictures, the tracklist and an album preview for their upcoming 2nd mini album “Remain“. The boys are set to release “Remain” on the 17th of November 2016 KST, just five months after their last comeback with the full album “Awake“.

In contrary to the black version group teaser picture, the white version individual pictures showcase the boys looking like angels and glowing in front of spotlights.

Check out the individual pictures below:



image image


Following the individual pictures, a teaser picture unveiling the tracklist for “Remain” was also released. According to the picture, the mini album will be composed of six tracks including the title track to be entitled “U“. The entire album was composed and arranged by Kim Taeju, except for two tracks that were composed by Youjin and Heejun.

Check out the full tracklist below:

  1. Stay
  2. U
  3. Beauty
  4. I Know
  5. Goodbye
  6. Tonight


As for the album preview, it gives you a 20 second sneak peek of the full tracklist and it looks like the boys are coming back with a lot of upbeat dance tracks, as well as with a few ballads. It sounds really good *.*

Check out the album preview below:

Are you excited for KNK’s comeback? Stay tuned for more teasers and updates!

KNK Releases Teaser Pictures for End of Year Comeback “Remain”

KNK is coming back!

On the 7th and 8th of November 2016 KST, rookie boy group KNK released on their official SNS accounts, two teaser pictures announcing their end of year comeback! Yes! KNK will be coming back on 17th the of November 2016 with their 2nd mini album to be entitled “Remain“. This will be the boys second comeback of the year after they debuted in March 2016 with “Knock” and cameback for the first time with their full album “Awake” in June 2016.

The two teaser pictures include one comeback picture and one group picture that showcases the boys sitting on a couch and dressed all in black.

Check out the teaser pictures below:



Are you excited for KNK’s comeback? Stay tuned for more updates and teasers to be released soon!

I.O.I Drops 2nd Mini Album “Miss Me?” & MV for “Very Very Very”

I.O.I is back!

On the 17th of October 2016 KST, I.O.I cameback for the last time with their 2nd mini album “Miss Me?” and the music video for the title track “Very Very Very“. The eleven member girl group was formed at the end of the survival show “Produce 101,” they then signed a contract for a year to release songs and promote as I.O.I. Unfortunately, the year has passed and it’s time to say goodbye to the group. Don’t be too sad though cause the girls will still promote individually or in groups at their respective agencies; it’s not the end of their career 😉

The title track was produced by J.Y. Park, CEO of JYP Entertainment and it has a fast funky/dance beat. The music video is really adorable and super colorful, it showcases the girls with colorful outfits, childish hair styles and bright red lipstick. You also get to see dance breaks where the girls are dressed in red and white. The song is addicting and I really like it! A good last title track for a super rookie girl group~

Check out the music video for “Very Very Very” below:

What do you think of I.O.I‘s comeback? Do you like it?