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100% Return with Mini-Album “Sunshine”

The four-members of 100% have made a comeback with their 5th Korean mini-album "Sunshine". While the group released the single "Grand Bleu" in July after almost a year-and-a-half long hiatus in Korea, they have been busy in Japan, where they released the single albums "Song for You" and "Summer Night" in 2018 alone. "Grand Bleu"… Continue reading 100% Return with Mini-Album “Sunshine”

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100% Release “Heart” MV Teaser

Formed in 2012, 100% has made both Japanese and Korean releases in their careers. In late June, they released "Summer Night" which showed the four boys dancing on a sky-blue rooftop and celebrating with cake. Most recently, they made a Korean comeback after a year and a half with the single "Grand Bleu" which featured… Continue reading 100% Release “Heart” MV Teaser

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100% Reveals Plans for Comeback and Digital Single

100% has revealed plans for their first domestic comeback of the year! They uploaded a message on their official SNS pages thanking fans for their continuous support and announced that they are preparing for a Korean comeback! They will be releasing a digital single on July 26 and follow with music show promotions. In the… Continue reading 100% Reveals Plans for Comeback and Digital Single

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100% Releases ‘Sketch U’ MV Teaser

Boy group 100% has just revealed their official comeback MV teaser for "Sketch U." "Sketch U" is the title song of the group's upcoming album, "Sketchbook," which has an emotional and artistic theme. They have also unveiled the album tracklist, providing details about each of the 6 tracks. One of the songs is a duet by… Continue reading 100% Releases ‘Sketch U’ MV Teaser

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100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image

Yet another group is joining the February comeback rush. This time, it's talented boy group 100%! They will be returning to the stage with a new release titled "Sketchbook" on February 22, and their concept image accompanies this artistic theme. 100% recently came back with the powerful vocal track "Better Day" as part of their… Continue reading 100% Reveals Comeback Teaser Image

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100% Releases ‘Better Day’ Dance Practice

100% has just dropped the tunnel version dance practice for "Better Day!" In the dance practice, which is more like a dance version, the members dance in one of their MV sets, showing off impressive and fluid movements. The choreography is passionate and emotional, just like the song (which has impressive vocals!). "Better Day" is… Continue reading 100% Releases ‘Better Day’ Dance Practice

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100% Releases Album Highlight for ‘Time Leap’

100% has finally released the highlight medley for their upcoming album, "Time Leap." The mini album will consist of 5 tracks, each with a different feel, including the emotional title track, "Better Day." The five-member boy group will be returning on October 13th with a brand new album, MV, and concept. Are you ready?

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100% Drops MV Teaser for ‘Better Day’

Boy group 100% is returning with a new MV for "Better Day," the title track of their upcoming album! The song sounds upbeat and emotional, with the teaser giving us brief, intense shots of the members and the female lead. They previously released a concept photo set for "Time Leap," featuring the members in formal… Continue reading 100% Drops MV Teaser for ‘Better Day’

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100% Releases Comeback Teasers for ‘Time Leap’

TOP Media boy group, 100%, is making their first, long-awaited comeback in over two years! Teaser photos for their upcoming release were revealed through their official sites, giving fans a preview of their comeback concept. The members show a serious, formal side in the photos, hinting at an emotional concept. The five-member group will officially return… Continue reading 100% Releases Comeback Teasers for ‘Time Leap’