Meet The Team

shannonMy name is Shannon, I’m a Graphic Designer from Chicago. I decided to start this site about three years ago to spread my love for kpop to as many people as possible. I’ve been listening to K-pop for 7 years now, after hearing a SHINee song in a “Playful Kiss” fanmade vid, I knew I had to find more groups. K-pop has changed my life completely and I’m forever grateful to all of the hard-working idols that provide us with such amazing entertainment. I am also grateful to each and every member of this team, who keep this site going, as I would be nowhere without them all!

LaurenMy name is Lauren, and I’m from Los Angeles, CA! I’ve been into K-pop for about ten years now. My favorite groups are Monsta X, BTS, and Stray Kids, but I also like SF9, Dreamcatcher, and The Boyz. I love writing, photography, graphic design, and programming. When I’m not listening to K-pop, I work as a freelance writer for video games!

TiffMy name is Tiff, and I’ve been with SSK (Sweet Sweet Kpop) since the very beginning with someone of the other lovely members here. Despite being based in the Western side of Canada, I still try to attend as many events as possible (KCON, concerts, etc) overseas! You can pretty much say I am a huge fan of KPop in general, and was in and out of the during the 2010’s with some of the groups like Girl’s Generation, SHINee, CN Blue, Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and more! But things started to change and the Kpop scene began to grow on me when I encountered BTS in 2013 a little bit right before their debut. It’s safe to say your girl here is a ARMY since Day 1 but of course still love other groups 🙂

KarlyMy name is Karly, I’m 26 years old, multi fandom, cat and panda lover. I enjoy being in my living room on rainy days while I read, write, watch videos and drink my coffee. My first encounter with Kpop was back in 2009, when a friend had a picture of DBSK on her profile and I had to know more about them! She linked me to one of their MV’s and from that moment on, I loved the music and kept looking for more and more groups to listen to.

KellyI’m Kelly, a.k.a. Lavender Latte (how you see me on articles I’ve penned)! I hail from Brooklyn and work in travel media by day. I’ve been into K-Pop since 2016 after falling in love with NCT U’s “7th Sense”. My favorite groups are BTS, NCT, Seventeen, TWICE, Red Velvet, Monsta X, and GOT7, among many others. I mostly love to write about K Hip-Hop, concerts I attend, and album reviews. Catch me at a coffee shop listening to Mad Clown’s “Lost Without You”, BTS’s “Just One Day”, or Crush’s “Wonderlust” album.

EmilyMy name is Emily and I am a Seattleite with a passion for writing. For me, K-pop provides a sense of pride and confidence. Growing up Asian American, I didn’t see a lot of people like me in media or entertainment. It gave me this idea that there wasn’t anything interesting or beautiful about being Asian. But, when I see idols on stage and being adored by the world, those ideas disintegrate. Currently, I am a high school student, so you can find genres ranging from K-Hiphop to K-RnB on my study playlist. My heart belongs to DAY6, Monsta X, Stray Kids, and The Rose.

AlissaMy name is Alissa! I was introduced to Kpop by a YouTuber known as Jay from the Kubz Scouts. He did a video reaction of him listening to Kpop and it was both our first time listening to it! The very first song that we had watched/listened to was “Not Today” by BTS and we were BOTH surprised. I remember walking to class and Not Today was stuck in my head and the next thing I knew, I listened to ALL of their songs, I memorized all of their names and I bought their merch! That’s how I got into it! I also love EXO, Wanna One, NCT U, GOT7, KARD, Jay Park and B.A.P! My BTS bias is Yoongi!

NatashaMy name is Natasha, I’m from Canada where I live there as a university honours student in Religious Studies. I consider myself to be multi-fandom; A-ing, Shawol, Monbebe, Hotple, Elvis, Tinkerbell, and iKonic to name a few. If I’m not listening to K-pop, I enjoy anime, playing magic, reading and watching Netflix.

MakaylaI’m Makayla from Pennsylvania! I’ve been into KPOP for around two years now and I was first introduced to it through stumbling upon Dope by BTS, but fun fact, I listened to SNSD when I was only 9 years old, not realizing it happened to be in a different language. My favorite groups are EXO, VIXX, and Dreamcatcher but I stan just about every group!

NishaMy name is Nisha! Born under a prairie sky, I’m from the part of Canada where it is winter six months of the year. KPOP has been melting into my daily life for over two years now. I’ve learned that no matter the distance, no matter the coast, WINNER is the one I love the most, followed very narrowly by Seventeen and BTS. When I am not suffering through a YG hiatus, I work as a spoken word poet and artist and can be found performing or writing my book at the cutest cafes in town.

LexMy name is Lex, i’m twenty and I live in a small town in France. I’m passionate about designing stuff, writing and cinema. I have a soft spot for k-dramas and must have seen like a hundred in the past year. My favorite k-pop band is BTS closely followed by EXO, Monsta X and FTIsland. I’m very happy to be able to share what I write with every single one of you.

Ari My name is Ari. I am from the state of West Virginia. I am a multi-stan. I love Monsta X, BTS, The Rose, Day6, Super Junior, Shinee, NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127, Seventeen, Pentagon, Astro and many more. Besides being an avid kpop/kdrama fan, I am a full time journalism student! I love dogs, pizza and activism!

ErikaMy name is Erika, I’m 22 years old and from New Jersey! I’ve only been into Kpop for about 3 years, but I cant deny the amount of joy and friendships I have gotten since! My favorite groups are Seventeen, Pentagon, Shinee, KARD, Twice, Blackpink & of course, BTS! Besides kpop I also listen to k-hip hop, some artists that I enjoy listening to are DEAN, DPR Live, Jay Park, SAAY, & EPIK HIGH. When I’m not obsessing over kpop you can find me at concerts, with my best friends, or at work (gotta make money for all these shows somehow), I’ve always enjoyed writing about things I love. I enjoy traveling, writing & I love animals so much that I decided to make a career out of it, as I just recently became a certified veterinary assistant. I look forward to fangirling with everyone on the team as well as our readers!