9 Male Idol Songs Dubbed Noise Music, Must Listen!

Have you ever come across the term “noise song”? The term “noise song” is used in the music business to describe songs with loud or uncontrollable melodies that come from using a lot of electronic instruments together.

This “noisy” concept is also adapted into the works that are produced by KPop’s stars, making it one of the music genres that uses this concept. The music of the K-Pop male groups listed below is not an exception to this rule.

1. Stray Kids – Thunderous

The band Stray Kids is well-known for producing music with raucous melodies, such as the song “Thunderous,” which was released in the year 2021. The tremendous intensity of the music in this song, which features a fusion of contemporary music and traditional Korean instruments, is the first thing that you will notice when you listen to it. In this song, you will actually get to hear a song that has a complete and booming melody.


“Hit” is another song by SEVENTEEN that features a melody that may be described as “noisy.” This song kicks off with a powerful electronic dance music instrument, which then leads into the chorus as the intensity level continues to build throughout the rest of the song.

On the other hand, in order to prevent the audience from being “exhausted,” the chorus of this song was created by simply including the instrumentals and the shouts of the band members. It would appear that this is done on purpose in order to break up the relentless onslaught of feelings and energy that are present throughout the song.

3. NCT 127 – Sticker

Sticker is another addition to the long series of “noisy” songs that NCT has released. The song is performed by NCT 127, and it features a combination of piercing flute instruments at the beginning of the song as well as in some other portions, and rumbling electronic beats. You’ll hear a mixture of rap and polished vocals in addition to noise rock via the song “Sticker.”

4. ATEEZ – Guerrilla

ATEEZ is another group that is known to have songs that are classified as “noise songs,” similar to NCT and Stray Kids. The most recent example of ATEEZ’s boisterous musical style is the song “Guerrilla,” which was released in 2022 and featured on the album of the same name.

This track by ATEEZ features jagged synths and rock-heavy guitar instrumentals, and it gives the impression that the band is giving all of their energy to this song. With their performance of “Guerrilla,” which won them six trophies at the music competition, ATEEZ once again showed how powerful their music is.

5. GOT7 – Hard Carry

In addition to their R&B music, GOT7 is known for its noise track “Hard Carry,” which is also quite popular. It’s possible that you’re curious about the absence of “noise” in this song. The solution may be found at the very beginning of the song in the catchy chorus that has a lot of electronic dance music. This song features some powerful electronic dance music as well as some intriguing instrumentals.

6. Block B – Very Good

People who enjoy loud music should prepare to have their ears burned by the pre-chorus of “Very Good,” which features a rock guitar riff with a substantial composition right from the start of the song.The catchy chorus not only grabs the listener’s attention but also delivers a significant dose of energy and inspires them to move around and enjoy the music more fully.


In the song “FOLLOW” by MONSTA X, you can also pick up the sound of the traditional Korean musical instrument known as the haegeum. The classical instruments are mixed with electronic dance music (EDM) and rhythms moving at a breakneck speed. In addition, the rhythm incorporates elements of both house music and reggae music. It makes perfect sense that “FOLLOW” also has a “noisy” sound when it is played back.

8. BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby

In keeping with the theme of loud music, you simply must listen to “Fantastic Baby” by BIGBANG. It appears that everything that is required to classify music as noise can be found in this article. You might, for instance, find yourself wanting to sway to the beat of the song as a result of the intense music and the chorus, which features a strong pace.


“JIKJIN” reveals another aspect of TREATURE, despite the fact that it is not quite as loud and noisy as “Fantastic Baby.” The chorus of the song is quite catchy, and it makes you want to listen to it over and over again. The song nevertheless manages to have a solid beat overall. Despite the fact that the chorus also gives off the impression of being boisterous, this component of “Jikjin” is also what makes the song so appealing because it has its own individuality.

Boy groups who perform K-pop music frequently create tracks that have distracting themes. This single idea demonstrates, in addition to revealing a unique side of them, that their works are capable of keeping up with current musical trends. 

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