5 K-pop Stars have played police officers in KDramas

It is common knowledge that South Korean theatre productions frequently serve to elevate a variety of different professional disciplines. In popular Korean dramas, police officers are often a common type of character.

You probably already know this, but the five female K-pop stars listed below have all appeared in roles resembling police officers in Korean television dramas. These roles range from high-stakes investigations to intense action sequences. Who are these people?

1. Han Sun Hwa – School 2017

In the year 2017, Han Sunhwa, a former member of the girl group Secret, made a memorable appearance in the drama School 2017. She played Han Soo Ji, a police officer whose job was to watch over Geumdo High School and look into any problems that happened there.

Han Sun Hwa also engages in combat with a tomboyish student character, which is portrayed by Ha Seung Ri. While wearing a police uniform, Han Sun Hwa looks fierce and cool. In addition to this, the actress, who was born in 1990, was able to successfully exhibit nice chemistry with her co-star, the actor Han Joo Wan.

2. Choi Soo Young – Tell Me What You Saw (2020)

Choi Sooyoung made a daring appearance in the drama Tell Me What You Saw, playing the role of a police detective. This allowed her to broaden her acting horizons. It is implied that Cha Sooyoung’s character possesses a physiographic skill that enables her to recall a state of affairs or location as though doing it from a photograph.

Because of her skill, Oh Hyun Jae, a renowned criminal profiler (who is portrayed by Jang Hyuk), extends an invitation to her to work alongside him to solve crimes. This includes identifying the person who planned the murder by using evidence in the form of unpleasant chewing gum to do it.

3. Krystal Jung – Police University (2021)

Krystal reprised her role as a law enforcement officer the year after she portrayed a soldier in the drama Search (2020), which she had previously portrayed. That is accomplished by watching the programme titled “Police University,” which is shown on KBS2 and Viu.

As the implication of the title suggests (KNPU), the lives of students at the Korean National Police University serve as the narrative’s focal point. One of them focuses on the tenacious Oh Kang Hee (Krystal) and the relationships that she has with the individuals in her immediate environment. Included in this group is Kang Sun Ho, played by Jinyoung B1A4, who is skilled at working with computers and who, at a later point, develops a romantic interest in Kang Hee.

4. Seolhyun – The Killer’s Shopping List (2022)

Seolhyun made her return to the acting field with the mystery comedy drama The Killer’s Shopping List, which aired on tVN after she had taken a break from the industry for two years. Seolhyun plays the role of Do Ah Hee, a policewoman and Ahn Dae Sung’s lover, in the drama (Lee Kwang Soo).

The Killer’s Shopping List is the story of Do Ah Hee’s attempt to find a killer by following shopping receipts from the family convenience store owned by Dae Sung’s family. As the title suggests, the story relates the account of Do Ah Hee’s attempt to catch a killer. Not content to go it alone, she joined forces with Dae Sung and Dae Sung’s mother to establish a team.

5. Park Soo Young – Once Upon a Small Town (2022)

Park Soo Young, better known by her stage name Joy Red Velvet, is getting ready to make her acting comeback in her newest romantic drama, which is scheduled to debut in the second half of 2022. In the movie “Once Upon a Small Town,” which Joy stars in, she plays Ahn Ja Young, a kind-hearted retired police officer who is liked by the town’s people.

Ahn Ja Young, the male lead, played by Chu Young Woo, is Han Ji Yool, a stoic and uncaring veterinarian. Ahn Ja Young is the female protagonist. We can’t wait to see Joy and Chu Young Woo’s acting and chemistry in the series, which will consist of a total of 12 episodes and will air on Kakao TV.

The five female KPop idols took their parts very seriously, despite the fact that their characters in the drama simply had a career as a police officer. Although some are upbeat and others are grating, whose acting keeps you interested?

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