5 KPop Idol Siblings’ Interesting YouTube Channels

A number of well-known K-pop celebrities have siblings who are as well-known in their own right. Some of them are idols, while others are actors or even YouTubers.

K-pop idol brothers who also make a living as YouTube content creators produce stuff that is just as intriguing as that produced by any other YouTuber. Who are these people? Check out these five siblings who are K-pop idols and have their own YouTube channels!

1. Kuyeah 쿠예

June iKON’s older sister is Koo Yejin, and she also has a YouTube channel under her name. Since 2018, she has been publishing videos to her YouTube channel.

Yejin likes to share travel vlogs and unboxing videos. Additionally, he frequently takes photographs of iKON performances that he attends. Yejin also has a talent for singing, just like his sister, and he often makes cover videos of songs.


Lea is currently keeping herself busy with her new profession as a Youtuber following the dissolution of the band. On her YouTube channel, the sister of Bahiyyih Kep1er and Hueningkai TXT shares a variety of different videos and other content.

This content ranges from vlogs to covers of songs and dances to even tips on how to apply cosmetics. Because of the engaging content she posts, she has amassed a total of 291 thousand subscribers since the channel’s inception in 2013.

3. Hannah bahng

The STAY community considers Hannah Bahng to be one of the most popular YouTubers (Stray Kids fans). The younger sister of Bangchan was able to amass more than 818 thousand subscribers in the span of a single year.

Because he shared content that was so engaging, he was able to attract such a large number of subscribers. In addition to that, his hilarious demeanour keeps a lot of people entertained while they watch his movies.


Following his appearance in the videos created by ATEEZ, a lot of fans have formed a love for Hongjoong’s older brother, Bumjoong. In addition to being an actor, he is also a contemporary dancer.

Thankfully, Bumjoong’s content may be viewed by fans on his own YouTube channel. Vlogs and videos of him dancing make up the majority of the content he shares.

5. 최한결 Sofia Chwe

Sofia Chwe has been consistently publishing content to her YouTube channel since the year 2020. Her videos on YouTube range from cover songs to tips on how to apply makeup, and she also does vlogs. This girl, who was born in 2004, has amassed more than 255 thousand subscribers on her channel because of the variety of the stuff she posts.

Vernon Seventeen was seen in one of his videos having a good time while celebrating Sofia’s birthday. Indeed, Sofia is Vernon Seventeen’s younger sister. She was born in the year SEVENTEEN.

These are a few of the YouTube channels that are run by the siblings of K-pop idols. Let’s subscribe to their newsletter so that we don’t miss out on any of the great stuff they post.

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